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Courtesy ARY: Altaf Hussain asks to avoid violent protest

Courtesy ARY: Altaf Hussain asks to avoid violent protest
 Posted on: 1/17/2015
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KARACHI: Chief of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Altaf Hussain said on Saturday that killing each other in the name of protest is against the teaching of Islam, ARY News reported.
MQM organized dialogue on changing scenario of world and inter faith harmony at Lal Qila ground. Addressing on the occasion, Altaf Hussain said no one can lower the status of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) given to him by Almighty Allah.
“Which Hadith asks Muslims to kill each other in the name of protest against blasphemy”, questioned Altaf Hussain.
MQM Chief said he was first to condemn the publishing of blasphemous sketches by Charlie Hebdo but not even a single vehicle was burnt during MQM’s protest against blasphemy.
Altaf Hussian urged nation to safeguard life and property of each other and to avoid violent protest.
“The current situation of the country demands unity”, he said.
Altaf Hussain said militants’ attack on places of worship including Mosques, Imam Bargha, Churches etc, markets and students of Peshawar was a regrettable act.
MQM Chief said terrorism is a curse and it should be wiped out from the country.

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