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Christian community is being constantly persecuted in the Punjab: Dr Farooq Sattar

Christian community is being constantly persecuted in the Punjab: Dr Farooq Sattar
 Posted on: 3/10/2013
The Quaid-i-Azam had assured full protection to minorities and the constitution also guarantees freedom of life to non-Muslims
Deputy Convener of the Co-ordination Committee of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Dr Farooq Sattar has said that the Punjab government should resign immediately as the unfortunate incident in Badami Bagh violated the constitution of Pakistan. He said that the Christian community living in the Punjab was being targeted and victimized persistently while the Punjab government was standing as a silent spectator and doing nothing. He was addressing the participants of a protest demonstration outside Karachi Press Club organized by the Minorities Wing of the MQM.
Speaking on the occasion Dr Sattar said that the father of the nation Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had assured full protection to religious minorities in his famous speech delivered to the constituent assembly on 11th August 1947. The constitution of Pakistan also gave protection and freedom of life to the minorities. The Blasphemy law would gain precedence if it was implemented in its true spirit.
Member of the Co-ordination Committee Raza Haroon, senators, MNAs, MPAs and members of the Christian clergy belonging to different churches of the city, members of the Christian community, including women and children attended the demonstration outside the press club.
The protesters were carrying placards condemning the incident in Badami Bagh in Lahore in which houses of Christian people were set ablaze.
Dr Sattar said that the Punjab government was instrumental in destabilizing other provinces by in connivance with terrorist elements. He said that the Badami Bagh tragedy was aimed to uproot the Christian people from their homes, and it was a vicious conspiracy to weaken Pakistan.
Dr Sattar said that violence and bloodshed against the Christian community were smearing the name of Pakistan in the world. Similar incidents occurred  in Shanti Nagar, Gojra, and Shangla Hill, all located in the Punjab. He said that the Badami Bagh incident could have been averted if the Punjab government had taken notice of previous incidents and taken action against the elements responsible for directing violence against the Christian community in the province.
Dr Sattar said that Mr Altaf Hussain, the founder and leader of the MQM, is the only leader in the country who raised his voice against the persecution of the Christian community.
He said that the fabric of religious harmony was torn to piece in the Punjab, and the religious minorities were filled with a sense of deepening insecurity. He appealed to President Asif Zardari, Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf and Interior Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf to take serious notice of the Badami Bagh tragedy and bring the perpetrators to justice.
Earlier Mr Raza Haroon said that the incident occurring in Badami Bagh was a national tragedy, and the Punjab government was squarely responsible for it. He said that those who were crying hoarse on the circumstances in Karachi were silent on the lawless in the Punjab.
Mr Haroon appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo motu notice of the incident as it had brought shame to Pakistan. He expressed sympathies to the affected families and said that the MQM would not leave them alone.
Members of the Christian clergy present on the occasion said that the MQM always supported them in difficult times.

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