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Dr. Farooq Sattar visits Abbas Town along with president of UKPCCI delegation

Dr. Farooq Sattar  visits Abbas Town  along with president of UKPCCI delegation
 Posted on: 3/10/2013
The Deputy Convenor of the MQM Dr. Farooq Sattar has vowed that with the support of overseas Pakistanis, the MQM would undertake every possible effort to achieve full rehabilitation of the victims of the Abbas Town tragedy. He assured the victims that the entire city stands united with them and the reconstruction of buildings torn by the twin blasts would start soon. Dr. Farooq Sattar said this while visiting Abbas Town on Sunday morning along with Razi Khan, president of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce UK and its director Haji Siddique.
Dr. Sattar earlier visited the relief camps of MQM's charitable wing KKF where the visitors were briefed about the relief work and also met a few affected families.
Speaking to media representatives, Dr. Sattar said the Pakistan Chamber of Commerce UK is an influential body whose office bearers have arrived on a visit to Pakistan to extend their support to the victims of Abbas Town tragedy as well as to explore what role this body could play in rehabilitation efforts. 
"The terrorists want to destroy religious, sectarian and ethnic harmony in the country. Unfortunately, the biggest political parties in Pakistan are only interested in power politics and serving the people of Pakistan is not an objective for them", Dr. Sattar added.
Mr. Razi Khan said that overseas Pakistanis are fully committed to help and support the victims' rehabilitation work. He added that he felt heartbroken to see the extent of devastation.
 "I wonder how could a human being steep so low! We vehemently condemn this incident and want to assure the victims of Abbas Town that overseas Pakistanis stand shoulder to shoulder with them. We need to get united as our unity is the only way to defeat the evil designs of terrorists", Mr. Khan said.  
Haji Siddique, the director of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce UK, added that it is hard to imagine that a Pakistani could be behind such an evil act that has resulted in the death of so many innocent women and children.

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