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JI must answer on relations with Taliban, ISIS: MQM Rabita Committee

JI must answer on relations with Taliban, ISIS: MQM Rabita Committee
 Posted on: 1/13/2015
The Coordination Committee of Muttahida Quami Movement responding on the comments of Jamaat-e-Islami, said that rather accusing MQM, the JI should tell the nation about the relations with Taliban and ISIS.
In a statement, the Coordination Committee said it was a fact that the top Al-Qaida terrorists were arrested from the houses of JI leaders. It said that JI workers along with Taliban, Al-Qaida and other terrorists’ organizations carried out terrorists activities in the country and foreign territories.
The Committee said that the trained JI terrorists involved in the attack on Core-Commander Karachi, GHQs, Sri Lankan team’s attack or attacks on army offices. It said that was the reason JI terrorists were killed in drone attack in tribal areas along with Taliban and Al-Qaida terrorists.
The Coordination Committee said that former JI chief Manawar Hassan termed the Taliban and other terrorists killed by the soldiers were martyrs while the soldiers killed in the war of terror were not martyrs. It said that he also claimed to spread the culture of killing in name of Allah and the Peshawar School tragedy was the reflection of that culture.
It said that MQM Chief Mr. Altaf Hussain uninterruptedly struggled for the peace and integrity of Pakistan despite leaving outside the country. It said that Karachiites kept rejecting Jamaat-e-Islami from 1987 in all the elections.
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