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Reneging on Military Courts is Hypocrisy: Altaf Hussain

Reneging on Military Courts is Hypocrisy: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 12/31/2014
Videos: DAWN  Dunya  SAMAA  GEO   ARY
Muttahida Quami Movement’s (MQM) Founder and Leader Altaf Hussain on Wednesday strongly denounced all those parties and Leaders, who first gave their consent to the formation of Military courts in a meeting of all parliamentary parties chaired by the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, by terming their way of politics nothing but hypocrisy.
MQM Chief while talking with different news channels said that hypocrisy has always been practiced and remained prevalent in political scenario of the country. Mr. Hussain said that only three days earlier all parties were in favor of Military courts except MQM no single party showed its reticence in parliamentary party’s meeting and it ended inconclusively.
He said that in second session all parties gave their approval for the formation of Military courts and it was only MQM that showed apprehensions over it and objected on the word of “unanimous decision” and demanded to change it with “majority decision” due to his past experience of bearing the cruel consequences of military courts when these were used against MQM.  
“I was addressing to a conference on telephone at Lal Qila ground when I was contacted by Ishaque Dar to approve the draft of the meeting regarding Military courts on behalf of MQM, then I advised to add additional note that explicitly defines the court’s limits to only prosecute “Jet Black Terrorists” and not the cases of political workers” MQM chief explained.
He said that all parties agreed before the chief of army staff during the session and now PTI, PPP, ANP, and JI are backing out of their stance. He said in serious circumstances nations take such decisions which are not their tradition or as per the constitution.
He said if politicians continuously practice hypocrisy in politics, year 2015 will be of Marshal Law instead of democracy.
Mr. Hussain asked all the parties to take clear stance on whether they oppose military courts in order to have clear distinction about whether the entire nation, political and military leadership is on same page.
Later on, MQM Chief condemned the sudden firing incident on Pakistan Army at Shakar Garh Sector from Indian side. He termed this incident as timidity and deception on part of Indian Army.
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