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For International Media: MQM’s National Solidarity Rally

For International Media: MQM’s National Solidarity Rally
 Posted on: 12/19/2014
Pakistan’s one of the largest progressive and liberal political parties, Muttahida Quami Movement took out a ‘National Solidarity Rally’ on Friday 19th December 2014 in Karachi, to commemorate Peshawar School attack.
MQM’s chief Mr. Altaf Hussain while addressing the rally attended by over 100,000 men, women & children said, ‘Killing 142 innocent children is the worst kind of brutality, now the nation has eyes set on Army chief and his team for elimination of Taliban.’
MQM remains lone boldest voice against the Taliban and has been warning against the menace of this fanatic menace for over a decade. It has lost four of its elected representatives and hundreds of workers in attacks by Taliban. Mr. Hussain Said ‘They may kill me, But I won’t stop from raising voice against them and their heinous crimes against humanity in the name of religion,’
A candlelight vigil in memory of the innocent children and martyrs of Peshawar attack was also organized after the rally at the Mausoleum of Mr. Mohammad Ali Jinnah the founder of Pakistan. The event was attended by citizens, members of the civil society, Intelligentsia and children.

‘Today we are here to pay respect to victims of the December 16th attack and send out a clear message to Taliban and their supporters that their atrocities will only strengthen our resolve against extremism and terrorism.’ said Ali, a student of grade 9.
MQM is a party whose policies are closely aligned with global values. It is first and foremost the party of equal rights and equal opportunity for all. This includes women and religious and ethnic minorities. It is firmly opposed to both the Taliban and all forms of fanaticism and extremism.

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