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War against terror: Altaf Hussain demands Int’l community to support Pakistan

War against terror:  Altaf Hussain demands Int’l community to support Pakistan
 Posted on: 12/16/2014
The Founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM), said that the time was not to raise slogans against the government to leave but to unite against the terrorist monsters.
In a statement issued from London Secretariat, MQM Chief condemned the incident and termed it the blackest tragedy of the country’s history. He directed his party workers to announce a 3-Day mourning and abandoned all political activities.
Mr. Hussain appealed to his workers to donate blood to the victims of the incident. He said demanded the federal and provincial government to carry out development work but should pay special attention to the safety of the people.
He also suggested the government to equip police with modern and automatic weapons to counter the terrorists. He said that there needed to a substantial increase in their salaries. He said that it was time to sort out the priorities and work on it.
He said that this was testing time for the nation and should stop opposing the government and make unity to tackle the terrorists. He said that the terrorists did spare a single place in Pakistan where they did not attack.
Mr. Hussain reiterated that when he started to tell about the Talbanisation in Pakistan, especially in Karachi, some short-sighted political leaders made fun of him. He appealed to UN Secretary General, US, UK and EU to support Pakistan in war against terror, otherwise, the monsters would reach at their home soon.
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