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MQM’s message spread throughout the country: Altaf Hussain

MQM’s message spread throughout the country: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 12/12/2014
The founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement, Mr. Altaf Hussain said that MQM’s ideology of rightfulness had already been spread and the poor and middle-class revolution would soon be observed all over the country.
Talking to MQM Punjab President Mian Atiq, Mr. Hussain said that the party spread the consciousness of ruling by honest and talented people. He said that such consciousness could eliminate the obsolete feudal system from the country and bring right to rule for the commoners.
MQM Chief said that MQM was the only political party having unprecedented discipline and management, so it was the responsibility of its workers and office-bearers to conduct exemplary acts. He said MQM is a movement and one has to give in the movement and cannot take anything for his or her interest.
He said that MQM martyrs enliven the movement by sacrificing their lives for the cause and the blood of such selfless workers could bring revolution. He directed Mian Atiq to rebuild the party structure to spread the message and ideology of MQM. Meanwhile, Mian Atiq briefed Mr. Hussain about the murder of Bao Anwar and the performance of the provincial management.
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