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Police jobs in Sindh, Govt. should stop discriminating against merit: Wasim Akhtar

Police jobs in Sindh, Govt. should stop discriminating against merit: Wasim Akhtar
 Posted on: 12/3/2014
The Associate Member of MQM Coordination Committee Wasim Akhtar said that Sindh government and its cabinet got blind in MQM enmity.
Talking to a press conference at Khursheed Begum Secretariat, Wasim Akhtar said that the provincial government kept disregarding merit of the locals of Karachi and Hyderabad. He said that the candidates of various communal backgrounds were deprived of their rights to get jobs in police.
He demanded to stop discrimination against merit and should immediately issue offer letters to the qualified candidates otherwise, MQM would go for protest with the deprived candidates. He said that there were 36 candidates who had qualified for the posts of the constables and cleared all tests and examinations.
He said that these candidates did not belong to MQM and they just came here to get their rights or at least they knew that their voice would be heard. He said that similarly in education department, the qualified candidates did not get their job offer letters, although, they had cleared all the tests and examinations.
Meanwhile, MQM Parliamentary Leader in Sindh Assembly, Syed Sardar Ahmed said that the government had already taken the authority to appoint grade 16 and above jobs from Sindh Public Service Commission. He said that instead of giving jobs to the deserving candidates of Karachi and Hyderabad, government is awarding jobs to thieves and dacoits. 
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7/16/2018 7:21:04 PM