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We also believe in the philosophy of non-violence like the great leader Bacha Khan: Altaf Hussain

We also believe in the philosophy of non-violence like the great leader Bacha Khan: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 11/30/2014

Conversation with ANP (Wali) leader and veteran politician Begum Nasim Wali Khan at Nine Zero
 “We also believe in the philosophy of non-violence like the great leader Bacha Khan and we want this philosophy to spread throughout the country,” said MQM leader Altaf Hussain while talking to veteran political leader Begum Nasim Wali Khan at Nine Zero. 
Mr Hussain said that a combined procession of Mohajirs and Pakhtuns will be held in Karachi very soon in order to spread the message of non-violence and peace given by Bacha Khan. 
Mr Hussain addressed Begum Nasim Wali as his mother and paid glowing tributes to her. “I welcome a veteran political leader of the country and thank you from the bottom of my heart for arriving at Nine Zero.”
Shedding light about the political struggle of Begum Nasim Wali Khan, Mr Hussain recalled, “When Khan Abdul Wali Khan was facing a trial in the Hyderabad Conspiracy Case, the entire leadership of ANP was in hiding. At that time Begum Nasim Wali emerged as symbol of bravery and determination and faced the tyrant rulers of that time heroically.”
“ANP could have become the foremost political party of the country if it could have a few more personalities like Begum Nasim Wali Khan. The conspiracies of the establishment put the ANP in other’s hands.”
“When I look towards the ANP I try to find leaders like Haji Fazl Karim with whom I have broken bread and spent good time together.”
Mr Hussain said he was happy to see old faces of ANP and prayed for all those who had passed away.
“I did not break with anyone whom I shook hands with. I is because of this that a large number of Pakhtuns are united under the flag of MQM.”
Addressing the Pakhtun leaders, Mr Hussain said, “We were one and we will remain united. We will not fight and together we will serve the country.”
Mr Hussain said that Bacha Khan was a great leader who struggled all life for the independence of the subcontinent and spread the message of non-violence. “I look for the ANP that follows the philosophy of Bacha Khan and spreads the message of non-violence.”
Mr Hussain told Begum Nasim that his arrival at Nine Zero had brought before his eyes Khan Abdul Wali Khan who wanted brotherhood between Mohajirs and Pakhtuns. “May Allah help you as you have also come out with the mission of Khan Abdul Wali Khan!”
Begum Nasim told Mr Hussain that she was encouraged by his words. “I have come out to fulfil the mission of Bacha Khan and I am starting this mission from Nine Zero as both you and I want to bring peace in the country by eradicating the menace of terrorism.”
“You had said in a public meeting in Karachi in the presence of Khan Abdul Wali Khan that Mohajirs and Pakhtuns should embrace each other. I repeat the same thing today to you and to my own people. Live like brothers in order to foil the conspiracies of the elements who unleash vicious propaganda.”
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