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Altaf Hussain’s conversation with leaders of ANP (Wali) at Nine Zero

Altaf Hussain’s conversation with leaders of ANP (Wali) at Nine Zero
 Posted on: 11/30/2014
MQM Founder and Leader Mr Altaf Hussain welcomed veteran political leader and head of ANP (Wali) Begum Nasim Wali Khan at Nine Zero today and old leaders of ANP Aurangzeb Kansi, Haji Fazal Karim and Qasim Jan. Talking to Mr Hussain, leaders of ANP (Wali) talked about old days and memories of the past.
ANP (Wali) General Secretary told Mr Hussain that he was president of Pakhtun Students Federal in 1982 and his class fellow. “That was the beginning of the All Pakistan Mohajir Students Organization and we spent many good days together.”
Mr Kansi told Mr Hussain, “Your people are living a life of peace and dignity because of his struggle. We have come to Nine Zero with the message of peace of Bacha Khan. We will take this message to Baluchistan also and give this message of peace to Balochi and Pakhtun people. We will take this message to Afghanistan as well.”
Mr Hussain said, “Together we will spread the message of non-violence and peace given by Bacha Khan.”
Haji Fazl Karim recalled his memories and said that he used to come to Nine Zero early in the morning for holding discussion.
 “Conspiracies were hatched in the past to create bad blood between Mohajirs and Pakhtuns by instigating violence. Altaf Bhai and Khan Abdul Wali Khan foiled these conspiracies. We have come again with the message of peace and non-violence and starting our journey from Nine Zero.”
Haji Fazl Karim told Mr Hussain when he would return to Karachi, hundreds of thousands of Pakhtuns along with Mohajirs will come out to receive him. They will shower him with tons of flowers.
Mr Hussain appreciated the thoughts of Haji Fazl Karim and said that the day will come soon. 
Former president of Pakhtun Students Federal and ANP (Wali) leader told Mr Hussain that their struggle was based in non-violence. 
Mr Hussain welcomed Qasim Jan and prayed for him.
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