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Facts & Figures, Discrimination Against Urban Areas

 Posted on: 11/27/2014
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Government Jobs

There are 6 lacs Government Employees  in Sindh. As per enforced Quota System, Urban Region have right of 240000 jobs but PPP did not do so. By making fake Urban Domicile,  jobs for Urban Region has  given to Rural Region

NFC Fund

Karachi covers half of the population of Sindh. 30 Trillions have been  allocated to Sindh ,only 6 Billions given to all Urban Cities of Sindh.

Sindh Text Board

Not Single officer from Urban Region.


All  the 10 officers belong to PPP. They have all rights to disqualify any candidate

Sindh Education Department

Out of 40 officers only 2 Secretaries and 1 Deputy Secretary   are from Urban Area.


In Sindh only 1 Administrator belongs to Urban Area out of 23

Quota Observer Committees

According to constitution, Pakistan is divided in 8 regions for implementation of Quota System. Sindh has two regions rural and urban and only 1 Committee is working in Sindh whose staff members are from PPP, selection have been done on political basis

Like in other countries instead of giving  service providing department like Water & Sewerage Board, Building Control Department etc, to Local Government . Sindh Government has kept these department under its government.

7/19/2018 10:25:17 AM