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MQM worker’s funeral , Action should be taken against extremist organizations: Aminul Haq

MQM worker’s funeral , Action should be taken against extremist organizations: Aminul Haq
 Posted on: 11/22/2014
Member Coordination Committee Syed Aminul Haq said that MQM kept struggling for the rights of the deprived people of the country, especially Karachiites for the last three decades.
Talking to the media persons on the funeral ceremony of MQM martyred worker in hand-cracker attack on membership campaign camp in Orangi Town, Aminul Haq said that his party was spreading the political ideology of its chief Mr. Altaf Hussian peacefully from Karachi to Kashmir. He said in that connection MQM launched membership campaign for the last 10 days in the entire country.
He said that the elements frightened of MQM’s success intriguingly devised malice designs against it and the cracker attack on the membership camp was also the consequence of their fears. He said that in the cracker attack 3 MPAs and more than 50 workers were injured and should be condemned.
MQM senior worker Abdul Jabbar was buried at Gulshan-e-Zia graveyard near Liaquat Chowk in Orangi Town. The funeral was attended by Deputy Convener Dr Nusrat Shaukat, members Coordination Committee Syed Aminul Haq, Khalid Sultan, Abdul Haseeb, Kaif Alvari, MPAs, office-bearers and workers, including the bereaved family.
Member Coordination Committee Aminul Haq said that MQM Chief Mr. Hussain kept raising his voice against the terrorism and extremism in the country, which caused MQM workers, including three of its MPAs deaths in terrorists’ attacks from 2010. He said that not only the operations against Taliban, ISIS and other extremist organisations were needed but also the elements and parties, which provided moral and financial assistance to them, should also be comprehended.
He said that Mr. Hussain kept advising his workers to show patience according to his teaching despite membership camp’s attack. He said that it was his peaceful teaching that people from entire country enthusiastically joining MQM.
Mr. Haq demanded the federal government to feel its responsibility and not only took action against the accomplices of the said incident but also took measures against the extremists organizations to protect people’s lives and properties.

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