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For International Media: Three Pakistani Members of the Provincial Assembly injured in Karachi hand grenade attack

For International Media: Three Pakistani Members of the Provincial Assembly injured in Karachi hand grenade attack
 Posted on: 11/21/2014
A membership event run by MQM, one of Pakistan’s largest political parties, was attacked today by the Taliban, leading to several injuries.

Founder and leader of MQM, Altaf Hussain said “Today’s attack highlights the great threats which MQM members are facing as they continue to oppose the Taliban and all other forms of fanaticism and extremism. We pay an extremely high price for conviction politics. since August 2010 three MQM parliamentarians have been killed in similar attacks. Our thoughts go to everyone injured in this horrible attack, in particular the three MQM Members of the Provincial Assembly.”

According to initial reports, 29 people including three MQM Members of the Provincial Assembly sustained injuries in the attack.
As a liberal and progressive party, MQM has paid a heavy price for its determination to stand firm against the Taliban and all forms of extremism – during the last two years 585 MQM workers and supporters have been killed. 26 of those deaths are believed to have been extra judicial killings.
MQM is a party whose policies are closely aligned with global values. It also the only party to have highlighted the growing threat of IS in Pakistan.

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MQM, the fourth largest political party in Pakistan, is committed to a genuinely democratic Pakistan and
supports equal rights and opportunities for all. It is a strong defender of the rights of women and all
ethnic and religious minorities. As a liberal, tolerant and progressive party, it is firmly opposed to all
forms of fanaticism and extremism
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