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Head of the Hazara tribe visits Nine Zero

Head of the Hazara tribe visits Nine Zero
 Posted on: 1/13/2013
Altaf Hussain is making practical efforts for the rights of the oppressed people without anydiscrimination: Sardar Sadat Ali
MQM and its leader Altaf Hussain are worried on the Balochistan situation: Raza Haroon
A delegation led by the head of the Hazara tribe chief Sardar Sadat Ali visited the Head Office of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Nine Zero and met members of the Co-ordination Committee Raza Haroon, Wasay Jalil and Yousuf Shahwani. Continuing terrorism and bomb blasts in Balochistan were strongly condemned in the meeting, and grave concern was expressed on the mounting casualties.
Talking to the media persons at Nine Zero after the meeting, Sardar Sadat Ali said that Mr Altaf Hussain, the founder and leader of the MQM, is the only leader in the country who is waging a struggle for the oppressed people throughout the country irrespective of race, colour and language. “I am ill but I have come straight to Nine Zero from Canada because I have a firm belief that I would get support from here, and I will not go disappointed.”
He said that thousands of innocent people have lost their lives in incidents of terrorism. “Those people were targeted because they belonged to the Hazara tribe. Although the situation in Balochistan is very grave, no one from the Balochistan government has come to express sympathy to the families who have lost their loved-ones in terrorism.”
“Thousands of women, children, youth and the elderly are sitting in the street with the dead bodies of their loved-ones in extreme cold and rainy season, but it seems that the Balochistan government is not sincere is resolving issues.”
“I am the nephew of General Moosa. My father and my uncle have served this country for 100 years, but I am very sad in the present circumstances.”
Talking to the media and journalists, Sardar Mehdi Hassan Moosa demanded that Quetta be handed over to the Army in order to control the precarious law and order situation and protecting the life and property of the people. He thanked Mr Hussain for raising his voice for the Hazara people living in Balochistan.
Speaking on the occasion member of the Co-ordination Committee Raza Haroon said that Mr Hussain has given several statements about the Balochistan situation during the last two days. He has strongly condemned bomb blasts and incidents of terrorism in the province.  
He said that the MQM and its leader Mr Hussain were worried about the Balochistan issue, and they have urged upon the government authorities to adopt practical and solid steps for curbing terrorism in Balochistan.
He announced that a delegation of the MQM would visit Balochistan and would meet the families who have lost their loved-ones in incidents of terrorism and bomb blasts.
He said that the MQM has announced a day of mourning on 13th January for expressing solidarity with the people of Balochistan. He appealed to the people to wear black arm bands and raise black flags at their homes and business places.

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