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MQM delegation meets Pir Pagara on Thar issue

MQM delegation meets Pir Pagara on Thar issue
 Posted on: 11/13/2014
An MQM delegation led by Deputy Convener Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui visited Pagara House to meet Spiritual Leader of Hurs and Head of Pakistan Muslim League Functional PML-F Pir Pagara Pir Sabghatullah Shah Rashdi and discussed current political situation, especially famine-hit Thar.
Talking to the media persons, the Deputy Convener said PML-F is an important political party in Sindh. In recent past, MQM and PML-F had pivotal coalition and the aim of their visit was discuss the prevailing situation of Thar, especially indifference shown by Sindh government over the loss of precious lives.
Members MQM Coordination Committee Senator Baber Khan Ghauri, Associate Member of Coordination Committee Wasim Akhtar, Ghazi Salahuddin and MPA Dr Saghir Ahmed were also present on the occasion. Dr Siddiqui said MQM’s stand is to resolve Thar famine issue mutually on emergency basis.
He said that Thar turned out to be human tragedy, and despite resolving the issue, Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah giving political statements on the issue. He said that the convoy of more than hundred vehicles of Sindh Cabinet members and their protocols was an irony with drought-hit Thari victims.
Meanwhile, Head of PML-F Pir Sabghatullah Shah Rashdi said arrival of MQM delegation is good omen for everyone and he would like to cordially welcome Altaf Hussain’s delegation. He said that Sindh sunk downward for the past 5 to 6 years and if Thar issue is not resolved accordingly then the entire Sindh would reflect the same sort of problems.
He asked Sindh government to tell who was responsible to send soil mixed wheat, even in Chief Minister’s constituency, people felt insecure to move alone. He said that soon after creation of new provinces in Punjab, Sindh would also be treated same but he insisted that despite discussing and arguing, the constitution should be consulted.
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