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Altaf Hussain terms prevailing Thar drought threat to humanity

Altaf Hussain terms prevailing Thar drought threat to humanity
 Posted on: 11/11/2014
The founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM), Mr. Altaf Hussain showed his concerns over the prevailing situation of famine-hit people in Thar.
Talking to the members of London Secretariat and visiting MQM Pakistan office-bearers, MQM Chief said that everyone felt sorrow and pain watching the tragic scene of drought-hit Thar, especially killings of innocent infants and children. He said that the entire country was facing water, electricity, and gas crises along with inflation, unemployment, terrorism and other yet to be resolved issues but the situations of famine-hit Tharis were serious and tragic.
He said due to prevailing drought in all around, people and livestock kept vanishing and people, who managed to reach near hospitals or dispensaries, could not be entertained by the doctors or medical facilities. He said that due to lack of medical facilities, people, especially infants kept dying and mothers mourned their loved ones.
Mr. Hussain said that provincial government did not move a bit neither it setting up any medical nor relief camp for the drought-victims. He said that after knowing the prevailing situation of the Thar, he sent members of MQM Coordination Committee and Parliamentarians to conduct rescue work.
He said that MQM delegation kept distributing relief goods and doctors of Medical Aid Committee treating drought-victims. He said that KKF set up relief and medical camps in various famine-hit areas, including Mithi, Nanger Parkar and Chachro to provide relief to the victims.
Mr. Hussain said that seriousness of the situation asked people to come forward to help their countrymen on humanitarian ground. He also appealed to the owners and directors of pharmaceutical companies either they, themselves, set up medical camps for the victims or donate medicines to KKF to let it carry out its rescue and welfare work.

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