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Our march is for changing the system and empowering the poor people of Pakistan: Altaf Hussain

Our march is for changing the system and empowering the poor people of Pakistan: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 1/1/2013 1
We do not want to derail the system or postpone elections
London: 1st January 2013
The Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Mr Altaf Hussain has said that the long march being held in Islamabad on 14th January is not aimed at postponing general elections or derailing the democratic process. “This march is being organized to save Pakistan and for bringing reforms in the political system under the constitution. This march is for making Pakistan strong and prosperous.”
“Our march is not for changing the government. We want to change the system”
Welcoming the head of Tehreek-i-Minhaj-ul-Quran at Nine Zero Mr Hussain said that the two parties speaking for the poor and oppressed people of the country have joined hands for bringing a revolution in the country. “This has given hope to the farmers, peasants, and all of the poor people groaning under the yoke of oppression. The parliament of the people of Pakistan would take a decision on 14th January in Islamabad as to what type of system do they want in Pakistan. The journey of revolution has started and it will end after reaching its destination.”
Mr Hussain said, “The MQM has been making relentless struggle for the past 33 years against the rotten feudal system. It is the only political party in the country that sent educated, able and honest people belonging to the poor and middle class segments of the population to the assemblies.”
“It was my strong desire to send educated and able people from Balochistan, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the elected houses but conspiracies were hatched to stop the revolutionary message of the MQM from spreading in these provinces, particularly in Punjab.”
Mr Hussain asked the armed forces of Pakistan that they had imposed martial laws in this country but they should now support the wave of revolution sweeping across the country for saving Pakistan instead of creating hindrances in its path.
Mr Hussain asked the Chief Election Commissioner if he has the power to disqualify those who have looted and plundered national wealth, those who got huge loans written-off and those who have piled up enormous wealth by means of ill-gotten money. “If you can do this, we are with you; otherwise the parliament of the people assembling in Islamabad on 14th January would take a decision.”
Mr Hussain condemned the Punjab government for taking back the security of Dr Tahirul Qadri and said that security should be restored immediately.
He appealed to all the political and religious parties to become a part of the Journey for Revolution. “Poor people of the country have given enough blood for saving Pakistan and eliminating corruption. Time has come to hold the looters and plunderers of national exchequer to account.”
He said that the life of people has become miserable due to load-shedding, shortage CNG, and unemployment. “Those who buy election tickets in return for millions of rupees cannot solve problems of the people. Only those can solve the problems of the people who have suffered themselves. Those who are born with a silver spoon in their mouths cannot even imagine the problems being faced by the poor”
He said that there is a monopoly of a handful of families on the political power in the country. These people are always in power. “We want to change the system and empower the poor people of Pakistan instead of changing the government.”
Mr Hussain appealed to all the people who want to bring a change in the country and want justice to join the long march in Islamabad on 14th January. He also appealed to the writers and intellectuals to support the revolutionary struggle.
Mr Hussain thanked the print and electronic media for giving coverage to the Journey for Revolution in Pakistan.
He appealed to the people to donate generously for meeting the expenses of the long march.
He praised the MQM workers, office-bearers and the Co-ordination Committee in London and Pakistan for organizing a Big  programme in a short interval of time.
He congratulated the nation on embarking  upon a journey to bring a real change in Pakistan at the onset of the new year.

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