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The country can be put on the path of progress by ending discrimination on religious basis: Dr Farooq Sattar

The country can be put on the path of progress by ending discrimination on religious basis: Dr Farooq Sattar
 Posted on: 12/24/2012
Colourful programme held at Nine Zero on the eve of Christmas 
The Minorities Committee of the Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) organized a colourful programme at Nine Zero on the eve of Christmas. Deputy Convener of the Co-ordination Committee Dr Farooq Sattar and member of the committee Wasim Aftab congratulated the Christian community living across the country. The programme started with special prayers and pastors and bishops from different churches of the city attended the programme.
In-charge of the Minorities Committee of the MQM Abdul Ahad, other members of the committee, and a large number of people belonging to different minorities were also present on the occasion. The Nine Zero and adjoining area were decorated in an elegant manner. Christmas trees were also placed near Nine Zero, and they attracted the attention of the people.Children sang Christmas songs and presented a tableau. Singers Muhammad Ifraheem, Hassan Jahangir and Amjad Rana also presented songs suiting the occasion. 
Speaking on the occasion Dr Sattar said that followers of every religion have equal rights on Pakistan. “We can put the country on the path of progress by ending discriminations on the basis of religion. We will have to give rights to everyone according to the true spirit of the constitution.”
“Everyone knows about the role played by the MQM for the rights of the minorities. Mr Altaf Hussain has always spoken about harmonious relations between different nationalities and faiths. The Christian community of the country would also prove to be an iron wall against the conspiracies being hatched to create instability in the country.”
Mr Aftab said that the white colour in the national flag represented the minorities. “The minorities living in Pakistan are true to their country, and they are playing an important role in its progress.”
He said that Mr Hussain wants peace, love and brotherhood to spread in the country. He extended Christmas greetings to the people gathered at Nine Zero on behalf of Mr Hussain. He said that some elements were sowing the seeds of hatred among the followers of different religion. Mr Hussain is the only leader who is speaking about peace and tolerance. 
Special prayers were offered for the national security and integrity and for good health and long life of Mr Hussain. In the end members of the Co-ordination Committee, pastors, bishops and members of the minorities committee of the MQM cut a Christmas cake.

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