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Altaf Hussain terms Oct 31st tragic day

Altaf Hussain terms Oct 31st tragic day
 Posted on: 10/31/2014
The founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM), Mr. Altaf Hussain said that the day of October 31st 1986 reminded him something very unfortunate and tragic when the then establishment put its all power, even after by state-operation to crash MQM.
Talking to the member of Coordination Committee, Senators, Parliamentarians and office-bearers at Khursheed Begum Secretariat Azizabad, MQM Chief elaborated the tragic incident, its causes and its after-effects. He said that MQM’s first rally was held at Nishter Park on August 8th 1986 and a day before the rally there was a heavy rainfall caused water inundated all around the place and he along with other workers drain out the water.
Mr. Hussain said that while all the preparations were completed for the second rally in Hyderabad, MQM was contacted by the then Deputy Commission Ashfaq Memon and was told that a Jirga was held at Sohrab Goth after the information was received that his party would attack on SOhrab Goth. He said that everyone was stunned to listen to the allegation by the Jirga but it was thoroughly convinced that no such thing would ever happen from MQM.
He said that after such speculation about MQM rally, he went to the people and directed them to be calm, especially while passing through Sohrab Goth. He said that when he reached Nine-Zero after a public campaign and meeting, was intuited not to go to Hyderabad with workers.
He said that he decided to go to Hyderabad early of that morning with some of the office-bearer of MQM and he did so. He said that when he engaged in preparation with the rally, the information was received from Karachi that the participants were attacked by automatic firearms at Sohrab Goth, resulting at least seven casualties and several injuries of MQM workers.
Mr. Hussain said that another incident happened in Market Chowk, Hyderabad when the MQM supporters were attacked from a hotel also caused several deaths and injuries. He said that he directed all the office-bearers and workers not to even tell the rally participants about the incident.
He said that when the casualties of Sohrab Goth incident were brought to their homes, people started reacting and the riot was erupted all over the city. He said that when the participants of the rally going back to their homes in Karachi were arrested at Ghaghar Phatak, including himself.
He said, “I was arrested with current Member of Sindh Assembly Azeem Farooqi and we both were transported to some remote area of Baldia Town and we were separately held in different cells and were brutally tortured during the detention. He said that people from various agencies including ISI, MI, IB, and FIA came to investigate me.
Mr. Hussain said that they accused MQM for killings of Pashtoons at Sohrab Goth but actually MQM workers were killed by the Pashtoons there. He said that he was forced to admit all the allegations or to be killed on the hills of Manghopir. He said that he told them even if they killed him but he would not admit any false allegation.
He said that MQM’s struggle was full of such tragedy and pain and that chapter would never be forgotten. He paid rich tributes to the martyrs of MQM and prayed Almighty Allah to accept their martyrdom. He also prayed to prevent MQM to be harmed by various conspiracies.

7/18/2018 5:29:39 PM