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Feudal design: Naïve Sindhis deceived about Mohajirs: Altaf Hussain

Feudal design: Naïve Sindhis deceived about Mohajirs: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 10/28/2014
The founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM), Mr. Altaf Hussain addressed to the Sindhi-speaking office-bearers and workers at Lal Qila ground, Azizabad on Tuesday regarding current political milieu of the country, especially in Sindh.
The MQM Chief said that if Sindh was not divided after five divisions than it would not be divided even after creation of five provinces and it would remain Sindh and be called Sindh. He said that people who opposed creation of new provinces, if not let create provinces then hand over Sindh to MQM, than it would become the most developed region of the world.
Mr. Hussain said Sindh is Shah Latif’s Dharti of peace and he also grew in that soil and belonged to it. He said that before the partition of Indian sub-continent, most of Sindh was dominated by Hindu feudal and landlords. He said that those feudal and landlords migrated to newly founded India and left behind their lands abandoned and an international treaty was signed by Pakistan and India to distribute those abandoned lands to Indian migrants who came from India.
He said that after the migration of Hindu lords, their slaves encroached their abandoned lands and properties, which were lawfully the possessions of Indian migrants “Mohajirs,” who came after inception of Pakistan. He said that those slaves who then became landlords seized all rights of Sindh and the same reason people were still deprive of their fundamental rights.
Mr. Hussain said that those discriminating elements, who lived in abandoned properties and their children studied in foreign institutes. He said, while people are deprived of their health and other basic facilities, those tyrants and feudal lords are enjoying best of their lives on people’s resources.
He mentioned that even today people of Sindh still deprived of the facilities of hospitals, schools and colleges, and they even did not have water and education. He said that those tyrants and pretenders perverted naïve Sindhis against Mohajirs that they were the Mohajirs who snatched their right but in fact they intriguingly concealed the conspiracy to give them Sindhis’ fundamental rights.
Mr. Hussain asked that who won elections from Larkana, Rattudero, Naudero and other cities of interior Sindh. He said it was PPP who won all the elections after 1971 from those cities and areas but anyone could tell me how many schools, colleges, hospitals, maternity homes and other facilitation centres were built during such a long period of PPP reign.
He said the participants, especially Sindhi youth to find out the fruitfulness of creation of new provinces by searching it on the google. He asked them to find out transformation of the power through creation of new provinces and its advantages. He said that it was necessary to create provinces after increase of population.
Mr. Hussain said that if such proposed new provinces and administrative units were built then the feudal lords and landlords would lose their grip on the unprivileged people of Sindh who were being treated as slaves of those tyrants. He said that local government system also not favoured those tyrants so they did not support it and if the power transformed to the lower level, all poor Sindhi would become authority to resolve their issues.

7/17/2018 6:32:40 PM