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Millions of people from Karachi and other parts of the country would come to the Supreme Court on 7th January on the contempt notice to Altaf Hussain: Dr Farooq Sattar

Millions of people from Karachi and other parts of the country would come to the Supreme Court on 7th January on the contempt notice to Altaf Hussain: Dr Farooq Sattar
 Posted on: 12/16/2012

Huge demonstration outside Karachi Press Club against the contempt notice issued to Altaf Hussain.
Deputy Convener of the Co-ordination Committee of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) and Federal Minister Dr Farooq Sattar has said that hundreds of thousands of people from Karachi and other cities of the country would go to the Supreme Court of Pakistan in response to the contempt notice issued Mr Altaf Hussain. He said that the contempt notice against Mr Hussain was a travesty of justice.
Dr Sattar said, “Injustice has been done as the notice should have been served on the judge, who had used the world monopoly. We are demanding justice once again today. We object to the use of the word monopoly and demand that action should be taken against the judge, and a reference should be sent against him to the Supreme Judicial Council. The contempt notice issued against Mr Hussain should be withdrawn.” People attending the demonstration raised their hands to support the demand made by Dr Sattar.
Dr Sattar was addressing a large protest demonstration outside Karachi Press Club, which was attended by MQM MNAs, MPAs, Senators, ministers, office-bearers, workers, and a large number of people, including women. People chanted emotional slogans and expressed their anger against the issuance of the contempt notice to Mr Hussain. 
Dr Sattar said that the people in the urban areas of Sindh and rest of the country are expressing their anger for the past two days. They are on the streets and denouncing the notice against their beloved leader.
Dr Sattar said that Altaf Hussain’s only fault was that he asked for justice. “A judge used the derogatory term of monopoly, which was not denied or contradicted in the press and media. No law or the constitution empowers any judge to attribute popular mandate with the demeaning term of monopoly in any part of the world.”
Dr Sattar said that it was an insult of justice itself and silencing the voice of the people. “The prejudicial remarks of the judge have hurt the sentiments of the people which needs to be redressed. The MQM has the mandate of the 10 percent of votes in the country. Altaf Hussain has asked for justice because he believes that the judiciary is free and independent, but the contempt notice against him issued by the Supreme Court is the perfect example of the kettle calling the pot black.”
Dr Sattar said that it is the recognized principle throughout the world that any prejudiced and biased person cannot occupy the office of a judge. If someone wants to rob the MQM’s mandate he should come out openly.”
Referring to the anniversary of the Fall of Dhaka today, Dr Sattar said that pushing a segment of population to the wall result in incidents like the fall of Dhaka.
Referring to the issue of fresh delimitation in Karachi, Dr Sattar said that holding census is the basic requirement for new delimitations of electoral boundaries. “Why does the court not take suo motu notice about holding of the census? The delimitation of electoral constituencies should be done in the entire country.”
Dr Sattar said that every institution should do its own work. “Delimitation and verification of voters fall in the domain of the Election Commission. If the Supreme Court has to do these work, then the Election Commission should be wrapped up.”
Referring to the suggestions for conducting an army operation in Karachi Dr Sattar asked, “What is happening in Peshawar, which has become the centre of terrorism. The Chief Justice should take suo motu notice and order house to house search in Peshawar for recovering weapons.”
“Everyone demands a house-to-house search in Karachi for recovering weapons, but nobody speaks about the areas from where they come in Karachi.”
Member of the Co-ordination Committee Mr Wasim Aftab also spoke on the occasion. He said, “The followers of the antichrist should know that we are the followers of Musa (AS) and Hussain (RA). We would spill even the last drop of our blood, but we would not let hour honour to be bruises.”
Mr Aftab said that Altaf Hussain would never go to the Supreme Court, but his millions of followers would march towards Islamabad.
Speaking on the occasion member of the Co-ordination Committee Mr Shahid Latif said that the judge of the Supreme Court had misused his august office to scorn the mandate of millions of people. “We are all ready to face the notice of the contempt of the court.”
Member of the Co-ordination Committee Mr Aftakhar Randhawa said that if asking of justice is a crime, then the people of Pakistan would continue to do this crime. “Altaf Hussain is the name of idea and a thought which cannot be finished.”

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