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Past establishment is responsible for the current terrorism and extremism plaguing the country: Altaf Hussain

Past establishment is responsible for the current terrorism and extremism plaguing the country: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 10/23/2014
No Muslim country is ready to help Pakistan because of the menace of terrorism
The Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Mr Altaf Hussain has said that the past establishment is directly responsible for the extremism and terrorism plaguing Pakistan today. It was because of this terrorism that even Muslim countries, let alone any other country, were not ready to support Pakistan. He said this while talking to a gathering of religious scholars in Lal Qila Ground Azizabad.
Speaking on the occasion Mr Hussain said, “Sectarianism was spread in the country not by religious people alone. The armed forces of the country and other sacred institutions also played a major role in spreading sectarianism.”
“Pakistan was thrust in the war between the United States and USSR not by the people of Pakistan by the establishment of that time and certain powerful people in the army. It was said that the Russian were atheist while the Americans were projected as people of the book believing in God. These fallacious arguments were employed make the people of Pakistan support the USA and to stand against the USSR.”
“Russia was a progressive country and so were the Shiite community living in Pakistan. A policy was devised to eliminate the progressive elements from the society and hence Shiite people were targeted and killed. Even today people belonging to the Shiite community are being eliminated in the name of different movements and organizations.”
Mr Hussain said that the armed forces of the country were busy in a war against terrorists in North Waziristan and the sacrifices offered by them outweigh and outnumber the sacrifices made during 1948, 1965, 1971 and the Kargil wars altogether.
Addressing the Ulema Mr Hussain asked if anyone wanted the Shiite to be killed. All Ulema replied in the negative. When asked if anyone present wanted Sunnis to be killed, they again replied no.
Mr Hussain said “We all believe in one God and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and hence we should show respect to each other’s life, property, Masjids and Imam Bargahs.”
“Violence and bloodshed will not stop unless the Shias and the Sunnis and followers of all sects display unity by setting aside their differences.”
“A document should be drafted and everyone should affix their signature to this document with a sincere heart that they will raise a united voice if any injustice was done to anyone.”
“Those who fight should be approached in a seemly manner and brought around with arguments and peace should be established between them. If they refuse to take heed then everyone should stand against the unjust according to the teaching of Quran. We will have to fight for the truth without caring about consequences as the time for death is fixed and everyone must taste death one day.”
“We must not take recourse to expediency and always remain prepared to stand for truth and justice. This is not an easy thing as it demands sacrifice and giving up ease and comfort. Speaking for the truth may also result in leaving your home and family.”
Mr Hussain said it was unfortunate that the Ulema did not speak against the sacrilegious statement against the word “Mohajir” which has special meaning in Islam. The Quran is full of the stories of the Mohajirs and Ansars but one person called it a word of abuse. It amounted to profaning the Quran, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his Companions (May Allah be pleased with them). The Ulema did not utter a word at this sacrilegious remark and took recourse to expediency.
Mr Hussain said the religious scholars protest if someone in Norway or Sweden makes any sacrilegious cartoon but strangely they were silent on sacrilegious remarks against the Quran, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his Companions (May Allah be pleased with them) and the People of the House (May Allah be pleased with them).
The Ulema condemned Khursheed Shah for calling “Mohajir” a word of abuse and agreed that strong protest should be made on it.
Mr Hussain said that Pakistan is a gift from Allah and we must protect it by making it a citadel of peace and love. We must not allow its foundations to weaken. We must put our house in order if want our country to acquire a respectable position in the family of nations.
Mr Hussain said, “If I make a claim to establish a just and equitable society in Pakistan according to the teachings of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah and that I will make Pakistan a citadel of justice, but simultaneously I allow corrupt people around me, I will not be able to build Pakistan. Honesty and integrity are the essential traits needed for changing the fate of the country. This can be done only by him whose own hands are clean. Merely raising the slogan for change will not bring any change in the country.”
Mr Hussain appealed to the Ulema not to use any word in their speeches during the month of Muharram that may hurt the feelings and religious sensibilities of any sect. He asked them to promote peace and love by respecting all.

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