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Mohajir students are being discriminated against in educational institutions of Sindh: MPA Adnan Ahmed

Mohajir students are being discriminated against in educational institutions of Sindh: MPA Adnan Ahmed
 Posted on: 10/19/2014
APMSO is a trend-setting organisation and has set positive examples for students
MPA Adnan Ahmed of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) has said while different political parties were talking these days about bringing a change in the country and empowering the poor people, but Mr Altaf Hussain actually laid the foundation of transfer power to the common people of Pakistan 35 years ago. He said that it was Mr Hussain who had set out practical example of a real change in the politics of the country. He expressed these views while speaking at the Model Entry Test organized for admissions in engineering colleges and universities organized by the Academic and Social Circle of the APMSO.
The Model Entry Test was organised in the Sadiquain Lawn near Nipa Chowrangi in Gulshan-e-Iqbal. In-charge of APMSO Engr Tauseef Aijaz, members of the Central Committee of the APMSO and other office-bearers and workers of APMSO were also present on the occasion.
MPA Ahmed said that the APMSO is a trend-setting organization and it has established healthy examples for students. APMSO is the only students’ organization that gave rise to a vibrant political party MQM which is busy in spreading its revolutionary message of empower the people belonging to the poor and middle classes in Pakistan.
He said that private institutions make a lot of money by claiming to prepare students for aptitude tests for professional institutions but the APMSO enables students to test their abilities without burdening them financially.
He said that the Mohajir students have been discriminated against in the educational institutions of Sindh ever since the imposition of the infamous quota system. He pointed out that there were several educational institutions in Karachi in which students from Interior Sindh have more seats as compared to the local students which was gross injustice.
He advised the students to work hard and never get disappointed by difficulties in their paths. He asked them to respect their parents and teachers in order to become successful in their lives.

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