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The philosophy of Realism and Practicalism is a criterion for validating every ideology and manifesto

The philosophy of Realism and Practicalism is a criterion for validating every ideology and manifesto
 Posted on: 10/12/2014
Realism is accepting the problems of a system as they exits and Practicalism is making efforts for solving these problems
The Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Mr Altaf Hussain has said that his philosophy of “Realism and Practicalism” is a criterion on which every ideology and manifesto can be validated. This philosophy not only indicates the evils plaguing a system and social maladies but also points out practical steps needed for remedying the problems. He said this while giving a lecture to the Co-ordination Committee in Pakistan and London and different departments of the party on the topic of “Realism and Practicalism”. 
Mr Hussain said, “Realism is recognising the public issues, problems in the system and social evils as they exist while Practicalism is making practical efforts for solving these problems and eliminating the social evils present in the society.”
“We often talk about problems in the system of our country, deplorable conditions of poor people, and the differences and discords in the society but we do not make any efforts to solve the problems and eliminate these evils.”
“We often talk about evils in the system of the country, unevenness present in the society, shortcomings and mistakes. We always say that poor people do not have the right to spend a life of honour and dignity in the country. Corruption has permeated in the society from top to bottom. No one discharges his duties with honesty and integrity. Falsehood has become an integral part of the society. The society as a whole is a plagued with deceit, dishonesty, theft, cheating and fraud. We talk about all these problems but we never make practical efforts to eliminate them.”
“Realism is accepting the reality of the disease and Practicalism demands remedial action to cure it. If we eat a rotten fruit, its bad taste makes it evident that it has rotten. Accepting this reality is Realism and Practicalism demands that we should not eat rotten fruit and throw it away as eating a rotten fruit may cause disease in the body.”
“Likewise the outdated feudal system is a rotten system and it is has polluted the society in which we live. We are breathing in this society that has been polluted by the rottenness of the feudal system. We are eating the rotten fruits of this decayed system. We continue to eat and strangely it does not appear bad to us.”
“Practicalism demands that we should throw away a thing that is unhygienic and injurious to health. In the same manner we should discard a thing that is harmful for the society.”
“It is Realism which says that the feudal system and concentration of power at the centre are responsible for the deplorable circumstances of the poor people and other social maladies while Practicalism demands that this outdated system should be uprooted in order to make a permanent cure.”
“Problems cannot be solved by taking recourse to Realism alone as Realism is useless without the aid of Practicalism.”

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