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Khursheed Shah shouldn’t manipulate history: Babar retaliates

Khursheed Shah shouldn’t manipulate history: Babar retaliates
 Posted on: 10/3/2014
Member MQM Coordination Committee Senator Babar Khan Ghauri commented on the statement of Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly Syed Khursheed Shah. He said that Mr. Shah must have known the history of Sindh not primitive but as recent as 1942, when Sindh had three administrative units or blocks.
In a statement issued in response to Mr. Shah’s comments over creation of new provinces or new administrative units, MQM leader said that Sindh had two administrative units prior to the inception of Pakistan and could be reinstated in the same three units with their local administrations or authorities.
He informed the Leader of Opposition that in 1942, the currently Sindh was consisted of Khairpur State and Sindh. He said that there were two officiating Chief Ministers, including a CM from Khairpur State and a CM from Sindh were there, even after the creation of Pakistan.
Mr. Babar said that in July 1948, there was a creation of another unit or part namely Federal Territory of Karachi, including Karachi, Thatta and Lasbela. He said that the present Sindh was the part of Bombay Presidency during 1847 to 1935. He said that even after Dhaka-fall, the then government distributed some areas of Sindh into Punjab and Balochistan.
He said that Mr. Shah should not manipulate the history and should stop commenting what he did not know. He said that despite coming forward to resolve the graving issue of the people of the urban Sindh, he had intriguingly opposed an illegible demand.

7/19/2018 6:11:14 PM