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APMSO holds demo against CAP-2014 at Sindh Secretariat

APMSO holds demo against CAP-2014 at Sindh Secretariat
 Posted on: 10/2/2014
All Pakistan Muttahida Students Organization (APMSO) has organized a protest rally outside Sindh Secretariat against Centralized Admission Policy (CAP) and prejudice of Sindh government and Education Minister for adapting anti-Mohajirs policies.
The Demonstrators displayed placards inscribing of “CAP-2014, exploitation against students of urban Sindh,” “Stop injustice with urban Sindh,” Stop merit killing” and “Education ministry is not Bhutto’s family inherent.” They also raised slogans against the provincial government and CAP-2014.
In-charge APMSO Tauseef Ejaz said that CAP-2014 was an open exploitation of students of urban Sindh and people had grave concerns over the discrimination. He said that CAP-2014 was purely the responsibility of Regional Directorate, while, the Secretary of Education Sindh unreasonably meddling in the affair to fulfill his malice design against Mohajirs.
He strongly condemned the handing over of SMB Fatima Garden College to a private NGO and termed it a conspiracy against students of urban Sindh. He criticized that the Sindh government should also be handed over to NGO because it shown their inability to maintain Education Ministry in the province.
The APMSO in-charge said that the students and parents had already deprived of CAP-2014 and they should be compensated. He said that Secretary Education should take notice against corruption, prejudices and criminal negligence.

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