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Altaf Hussain demarcates Sindh into four administrative units

Altaf Hussain demarcates Sindh into four administrative units
 Posted on: 9/27/2014
The founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM), Mr. Altaf Hussain asked the army and nation, “They should clearly tell us about our status in this country? And what the establishment and the army think about us?”
Speaking at a general workers meeting, the MQM Chief suggested demarcating Sindh into North, South, East and West. He said that he did not want to divide Sindh but to facilitate people and to resolve their core problems, there need to create new provinces or administrative units. He said that creating of provinces or administrative units make the country strong.
Mr. Hussain said, “People who falsely claim to throw Muhajirs into Arbian Ocean, should clear their mind that we will fetch them along us to the Ocean. He said that but he strongly believed in negotiations for all the issues and in any circumstances, never went for quarrel or any other options.
He called Sindhi intellectuals to come forward and helped to resolve the issue peacefully, because ultimately everyone had to sit for negotiations even after killings of millions of people. He said that how was it possible to make “Sindh Dherti” happy by killing of its innocent people. He also warned miscreants to behave because Sindhi farmers and middle-class people were kept joining MQM to stop being deprived of their rights.
Meanwhile, Mr. Hussain said that through that public gathering he would ask army and establishment to at least once tell it clearly, what they think about Mohajirs? He said that during the raids by army and Rangers, they utilized abusive languages, insult women and elders. They called them son of Indra Gandhi, Rajev Gandhi, Indian agent, RAW agents and etc. etc.
He said that such practices were still continued and Rangers kept insulting Mohajirs men and women during illegal raids. He said that an unannounced operation was still going on against MQM and its workers being murdered in extra-judicial killings Rangers and police. He said that innocent MQM workers’ tortured bodies were still being thrown on the streets.
Mr. Hussain said that despite such brutal treatment of law enforcement agencies, MQM and Altaf Hussain still supported and expressed solidarity with army and its operations. He said that MQM organized a rally of millions in an unconditional support of army.
He said, “Mohajirs are being terminated from their jobs and high positions by various conspiracies, including General Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. He Invited Pakistani scholars, historians and analysts to visit Sindh Secretariat in Karachi, and tried to find a Mohajir if they could.
Mr. Hussain said that ZA Bhutto imposed quota system in Sindh and divided it into rural and urban bases to provide opportunities to people of rural Sindh to compete with urban people. He said, “Now, 60 years has already been passed and quota system still prevails in Sindh but not a single party, including PPP Jamaat-e-Islami, JUI, ANP never voiced against this discriminating law.”
He said, “We will organise a sit-in for the prosperity of Pakistan and that sit-in the entire Pakistan will participate to make the country as the wish of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He said that if MQM would be given a chance to make the government it would impose an equal system for all and would definitely remove feudal and land lords.
He also said that Asif Ali Zardari did not fulfill his promises and did not give me what I asked to him for the prosperity of urban Sindh. He said that he did say a word to the Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah because he did not know that what was being happened in Sindh.
Mr. Hussain said that former DG Rangers Maj-Gen Rizwan Akhtar claimed that MQM workers from South Africa came in Karachi to kill people from various sects to create sectarian dichotomy. He said that his allegation were all rubbish and baseless. He questioned that if such thing happened then why he should not arrest those who came from South Africa to kill people in city.

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