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PM directives neglected; K-4 water project yet not started: Nasreen Jalil

PM directives neglected; K-4 water project yet not started: Nasreen Jalil
 Posted on: 9/26/2014
MQM Senator Nasreen Jalil sent a reminder to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif regarding K-4 Water Provision Project that despite a clear direction of the PM to Sindh government, the project had not yet started.
The Senator said that the K-4 Project had already consumed 5 years by various delaying tactics to reach ECNEC and to be approved. She said that through that project Karachi would receive 260 million gallons extra water on daily basis.
Ms. Jalil said that the metropolis had more than 250 million population, though it needed nearly 1000 million gallons water on daily basis but currently the city received merely 600 million gallons. She informed that the scarcity of water caused the metropolis turned into a chaos and Karachiites became hostile to each other to get water.
She reminded that the Prime Minister in his last visit already directed Federal Minister Finance Ishaq Dar to pay 50 percent of the budget allocation to void delay. She said that the new directives of CM Sindh to change the route of the pipeline also caused delay to start the project.
The MQM Senator said that K-4 Project now became essential for provision of adequate quantity of water to all. She said that any delay to starting the project might cause more to the Karachiites. She expressed her hope that the PM would immediately issued his directives to start K-4 Project.

7/19/2018 8:16:45 PM