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Rangers’ raid, workers’ arrest MQM sets up sits-in at various places

Rangers’ raid, workers’ arrest MQM sets up sits-in at various places
 Posted on: 9/25/2014
Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) organized sits-in protests in various areas of the metropolis against illegal raid at its MPA office and arbitrary arrests of its dozens of workers by Sindh Rangers at last night saga.
According to the details, the sits-in were set up at CM House, Numaish Chowrangi, Teen Talwar Clifton, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Hassan Square, Nazimabad Chowrangi, North Nazimabad, Nagan Chowrangi, Liaquatabad, Natha Khan Goth Bridge, Korangi Crossing and Landhi No-6. People from all walks of life, including women, children, elders, professionals, and others attended the sits-in and demanded to release all the detainees immediately.
MQM leaderships said that the entire sits-in protests were disciplined and the city was not deliberately paralyzed and all the business avenues and markets were opened to do retinue works. They also said that not single property damage was reported during all the day of protests, despite highly charged participants.
Meanwhile, the Deputy Convener Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui said that the sits-in were the reactions of loathes, which were shown by Rangers against Urdu-speaking community on Wednesday night. He said that Karachi endured burden of the entire country and if it was stopped then the economic cycle of the country would be jammed.
He said the feudal lords kept discriminating the rights of people of urban Sindh, even the Sindh Secretariat, epicenter of Karachi, gave the rural look. He said that the allocated budget of 775 billion, the urban Sindh was given only 20 billion though the 90% of the provincial revenues were generated from Karachi.
The Deputy Convener also said that for the 65 years, urban Sindh had been deprived of its actual rights. He said “If the government will not assent our mandate then we can show our power on the streets.” He said that MQM Chief Altaf Hussain would ultimately bring rights to the unprivileged and deserving people. 

7/21/2018 1:13:56 AM