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We will stage protest demonstrations on every nook and corner of Karachi against prejudice and hatred: Altaf Hussain

We will stage protest demonstrations on every nook and corner of Karachi against prejudice and hatred: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 9/25/2014
Muhajirs have lost their patience
Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s leader Mr. Altaf Hussain has said that Rabita Committee has decided to stage protest demonstrations against brutal actions of rangers and anti-Muhajir steps. 
Mr. Hussain has appealed to participants of the protest demonstrations not to stop ambulances and vehicles carrying patients. “ During the hearing of the case of law and order situation in Karachi the Supreme Court has remarked all religious and political parties have militant wings then why is rangers and police targeting only MQM’s workers and office bearers. Conducting illegal raids and making arbitrary arrests, “added Mr. Hussain.
Mr. Hussain expressed these views while addressing the protest demonstrators at the chief ministers via phone. Members of Rabita Committee, HaqParast representatives, MQM’s office bearers, workers and family members of arrested workers were present in the dharna outside the chief minister house. 
“I curse on liars, hypocrite’ssatans. All judges of the Supreme Court of, including former chief justice are liars, hypocrites and satans. Iftikhar Chaudhry is the biggest satan. The Supreme Court formed a judicial commission to find causes deteriorating of law and order in Karachi. In order to find out the people who are sending extortion slips, doing kidnapping for ransoms and targeting killings the Supreme Court’s Karachi Bench hold the court. However, when the affected people of Karachi approach court to these hypocrite judges fled. Some biased TV anchors who appears to be the son of the judges tried to mislead people, “ Mr. Hussain said.
“MQM did not take over the court. When the Supreme Court sought evidence in connection with the May 12 Tragedy. People from PPP, ANP, SunniTehreek come forward as eye witnesses. On this occasion MQM’s people reached in large number to give evidence in the court. Seeing this the Big Satan asked media representatives to break a news that MQM halted the court proceeding and judges had to flee, “ Mr. Hussain said.
“When the hearing of the case resumed against and the Supreme Court gave the verdict that Jamaat-e-Islami, Pakistan Peoples’ Party, Awami National Party, Muslim League, Sunni Tehreek, Sepah-e-Sihaba, Sipah-e-Muhammad, Lashkar-e-Jhangi and other parties have militant wings too but TV channels’ reporters, anchor-persons and analysts do not mention their names. They only mention MQM’s name, “ Mr. Hussain deplored.
Mr. Hussain said that MQM supported “Karachi Operation’ when it was launched despite its reservations. “MQM openly said that if criminal elements are found among its ranks they should be arrested too, “added Mr. Hussain.
“More than 5000 raids have been conducted on the MQM’s offices and houses of workers. Did Rangers raid on the offices of other religious and political parties? Why don’t rangers conduct raids on the houses of PPP, ANP, JI, ST and Muslim League to arrest their workers? 
Addressing the Army Chief General RaheelShareef Mr. Hussain said, “Muhajirs have lost their patience, if protest demonstration can be staged in Islamabad we can stage protest demonstration on every nook and corner of Karachi against prejudice and hatred against Muhajirs. Today, we will stage protest demonstration in every corner of the city.”
Rabita Committee has made it clear that they will stage dharnas if even Mr. Hussain does not approve of it.
“Media representatives hide truth. According to the Supreme Court’s verdict other parties have militant wings too why do rangers and police go after MQM’s militant wing?
We will not allow this things to go. Muhajirs do not hate anyone. All the oppressed people have united under the banner of MQM and with MQM in its struggle against injustices. Pakhtoons, Baloch, SIndhis, Seraikis, Gilgitis participate in MQM’s protest demonstration. They have become one family under the banner of MQM. MQM is the family of the oppressed and depraved people of Pakistan. We will not surrender before you. We are not Yazidis, but Hussein.”
Mr. Hussain has appealed to HaqParast writers, intellectuals especially Muhajir intellectuals not show expedieney and play their roles for the future of coming generations. “Sindiwaderas, and feudal lords can go to their villagers and bully poor haris and farmers, “ Mr. Hussain added.
Addressing MQM workers specially mothers, sisters Mr. Hussain said, “ You have shown fortitude in the past. Now show courage and patience in this difficult times and don’t give up hope.”
He urged family members of arrested workers to endure ordeal with fortitude

7/17/2018 5:00:41 AM