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MQM MPA criticizes Sindh govt. for corruption, nepotism, mismanagement

MQM MPA criticizes Sindh govt. for corruption, nepotism, mismanagement
 Posted on: 9/24/2014
MQM Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) Muhammad Hussain strongly criticized Sindh government for corruption, nepotism and mismanagement to tackle the issues of Urban Sindh, especially Karachi.
The MPA, while addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club, said that despite obeying the Supreme Court’s verdict to conduct local government elections, the government conspicuously making lame excuses or delaying tactics. He said that the government even not yet looked sincere to transform authorities to the people.
He said that the government brought its favorable bureaucrats on public posts, which also violating the law. He said “The government tries to steal our mandates and wants to seize the resources of urban areas. He said “The finance is also looked after by the hands of government’s favorable Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners.
Mr Hussain said “People of urban Sindh are pushed to the morass of difficulties.” He said that the development work was already pending due to lack of appropriate funding. He said that the roads, footpaths, parks, hospitals, water and sewerage lines and other municipal facilities were remained unavailable.
He said that the population of the metropolis swelled up to 25 million and there was not any arrangement to tackle the problems of this mammoth city. He also warned the KBCA authorities and builders to stop constructing illegal building by giving bribes. He said that whenever MQM would come in power it would bulldoze all such illegal constructions.

7/16/2018 7:22:50 PM