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Creation of new provinces ; Rasheed Godel terms APC gathering of biased thoughts

Creation of new provinces ; Rasheed Godel terms APC gathering of biased thoughts
 Posted on: 9/23/2014
Member MQM Coordination Committee Rasheed Godel Termed the so-called APC was the gathering of antagonists of Karachiites.
The Coordination Committee member said that the participating political and religious parties did have history of loathes and discriminations for Karachi and its people. He said that these quasi parties did not have any mandate in urban areas but shamefully expressed their prejudices against people of urban Sindh, especially Urdu-speaking community.
Mr. Godel said that despite putting some serious resolution regarding the issues the APC ended with nothing positive because the participants’ lacking approach towards reality of the time. He said that they once against came up with false allegations of division of Sindh rather supporting set up of new administrative units for the prosperity and autonomy of the provinces.
The Coordination Committee member also asked those elements, who conspicuously accused MQM for dividing Sindh, that who divided it in 1973 on ethnic basis into two as urban and rural Sindh. Those people also supported creations of new provinces in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but opposed even creation of administrative units in Sindh though logically it had already been created in 1973 as urban and rural Sindh.

7/21/2018 3:05:07 AM