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Political parties do not want to derail democracy: Governor Punjab

Political parties do not want to derail democracy: Governor Punjab
 Posted on: 9/23/2014
Democracy means good governance and providing solutions to the problems of people
Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar has said political parties do not want to derail democracy. “Democracy means good governance and providing solutions to the problems of people. We should use all our energies for the solution of people’s problems,” he added.
He expressed these views in a joint press conference with Mr Hussain at MQM’s International Secretariat.

“I am thankful to Altaf Bhai and the Rabita Committee for their hospitability. Altaf Bhai and Governor Sindh Dr Ishratul Ebad played an important in handling the crisis in Punjab some days ago. I am here to personally thank him for the cooperation he extended for the resolution of crisis. Today I discussed with Altaf Bhai and Rabita Committee regarding political issues of Pakistan and the problems being faced by the victims of flood and the IDPs.  Our sympathies are with our brothers. The situation demands we must support armed forces of Pakistan who are busy in a war against terrorists,” The governor said.

Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar appealed to Imran Khan and Dr Tahirul Qadri to resolve the issues through dialogue. “We don’t have money to eradicate poverty, unemployment, improving healthcare and education and to bring down inflation. We should pay attention to these issues and hold ourselves accountable for what we do.”

The Governor appealed to overseas Pakistan to help the victims of flood and IDPs.

“We must show flexibility in political deals and follow the principle of ‘give and take’. We should try to make our future better. No one says anything about vote-rigging in India because they use biometric system. If this can be done in India, why cannot it be done in Pakistan? It is the responsibility of the people who make accusations of vote-rigging to satisfy people,” The Governor said.

He said when he was part of the negotiating team the government was willing to form a judicial commission. “Dharnas and marches cannot solve problems.  The movement for the restoration of judiciary did not make any improvement at the level of lower courts in the country, “he added.

In response to a question regarding his resignation Governor Sarwar strongly refuted the rumour and said there was no truth in it. “Pakistan is running because of the overseas Pakistanis who send 25 to 35 billion dollars each year without attaching any conditions. Overseas Pakistan should get the right to vote, “he added.

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