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Form a government of technocrats consisting of honest people for two years to do a clean-up and ruthless accountability: Altaf Hussain

Form a government of technocrats consisting of honest people for two years to do a clean-up and ruthless accountability: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 9/23/2014
Don’t spare my brothers, sisters and relatives if they are found guilty.
Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s leader Mr Altaf Hussain has said he wants a government of technocrats consisting of honest people for two years to do a clean-up and ruthless accountability of people who have looted and plundered national wealth.

“If any of my brother, sister or relative is found guilty they should not be spared. No leniency should be shown towards them, “Mr Hussain expressed these views while talking to the media after his meeting with Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar at the MQM’s International Secretariat.

Mr Hussain welcomed him at the MQM’s International Secretariat and praised his personality. “I have reached the conclusion after my interaction that you are a good, kind and honest person who believes in meritocracy. Pakistan needs a person like. Pakistan does not need looters and plunderers and people who believe in nepotism and dynastic rule. The future of Pakistan can change if honest people who believe in meritocracy come forwards, “Mr. Hussain said.

“Last month, when workers of Pakistan Awami Tehreek were besieged by police and the government were not willing to allow to take out a march. I feared a clash and bloodshed. In order to prevent the impending clash I knocked every door. I contacted Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar in the night and requested him to allow PAT to take out the march and that force should not be used against marchers. On my request he contacted chief minister of Punjab and other government officials. Governor Sindh Dr Ishrat ul Ebad and Governor Punjab were in constantly in contact. The government allowed PAT to take out a march. This saved the country from a clash and bloodshed, “Mr. Hussain said.

Mr Hussain said that he had requested governor Punjab to take my message to the government to show some flexibility. “The protesting parties should also show flexibility. Allow each other a face-saving compromise. This matter concerns with the people of Pakistan who are staging protest demonstration for several days. The protesters have blocked roads and causing problems to people. Flood victims and IDPs are looking towards us for help. I offer the services of my party and Governor Sindh Dr Ishrat-ul-Ebad for this purpose. Governor Punjab is an uncontroversial person. We should benefit from his capabilities, “Mr. Hussain said.

In response to a question regarding the violence during protest Mr Hussain said, “Violence from any side is condemnable and not right. Neither government should use force against the protesters nor should protestors resort to violence. We should not do things which may cause damage to public and properties.”

Commenting on the demand of resignation from the Prime Minister, Mr Hussain said, “Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif enjoys two third majority in the parliament. If some people think that vote-rigging occurred during election, an inquiry should be conducted to satisfy both parties. We can solve matters through dialogue.”

In response to a question regarding the formation of new administrative units in the country Mr Hussain said, “ It is not only the responsibility of MQM but of other parties to think over this issue because it is the right of every Pakistan to get justice and he should get justice at his door. The deprived people are not getting their rights and justice. So in order to give rights to deprived people and solve their problems and for the strengthening democracy there is an urgent need for the formation of new provinces as it would greatly help in running the administration smoothly. Many countries had few provinces when they got independence. Now the number of provinces in those countries have increased.”

In response to a question regarding the mediation Mr Hussain said, “In my opinion, Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar is the only person in Pakistan who has the courage to speak the truth.”

“No one takes the guarantee of the technocrat government. Moin Qureshi and Shaukat Aziz were also brought from foreign countries. I would say that Governor Punjab should be given the post of prime minister in the technocrats’ government. He is the one who has introduced the system of admission in Atchison College Lahore on merits. The ruling elite has caused uproar on this. A person who can take such a big step could implement system of merit in other departments, “Mr Hussain.

In response to a question Mr Hussain said, “If you do clean-up in the country occasionally, you will have to unite people under the slogan of ‘End the status quo’. MQM struggled against the status quo by sending people from the poor and middle classes into assemblies since 1987. Now Dr Qadri and Imran Khan are talking about the same thing.

7/17/2018 6:25:01 PM