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Brutal use of power to suppress voices, threatens democracy: Altaf Hussain

 Posted on: 6/17/2014
MQM Chief Altaf Hussain said the use of torture against the activists of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) during removal of security bearers, may cause harm to the continuation of democracy.
In a statement issued from London, he said suppressing the people’s voices definitely destabilized the country. He astonished that what agenda the government worked on and why innocents were being killed and tortured by state sponsored machineries.
Mr Altaf Hussain indicated that when the army had engaged with fighting against the terrorism and extremism, the government deliberately opened new fronts. He said while the terrorists had been killing the innocents, attacked on mosques and Imambargahs and the entire country had been on the stake, government reacted unreasonably in the case of PAT.
He asserted the police operation at PAT Secretariat caused distraction of the high profile army operation “Zarb-e-Azab.” He said the security bearers were installed following of the order of the Lahore High Court and government used police force to destroy all the fences.
Altaf Hussain strongly condemned the police firing on PAT workers that caused various killings and fatal injuries. He said the barbaric acts of Punjab police ashamed the cruelty of Changheez Khan and Halaku Khan. He said men and women who killed and injured during this cruel show off of Punjab government were my brother and sisters.
He ensured PAT workers and leaders that MQM all way along with them this time of crisis when government machinery worked against the innocent citizens. He said such brutal acts caused the entire nation to feel shame. He said the incident seemed to be designed by some evil souls.
Altaf Hussain appealed to the Karachiites, including transporters, traders, businessmen and others unanimously condemned the act to show solidarity to the innocent martyrs of Lahore brutality. He also demanded Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to intervene and take action against the culprit of Lahore bizarre.
Meanwhile, MQM Chief Altaf Hussain also appealed to the Haqparast Awam to donate blood to the injured of Lahore incident. He directed his party workers to participate in blood donation to give moral and social support to the PAT workers.

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