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Sensitive National issues and our responsibility

 Posted on: 10/23/2013   Views:3641
Print and electronic media have become important pillars of democracy. Now no one can deny the importance of media in the development and progress of a country or society. In recent years, it has emerged as a new power in Pakistan. This newly acquired power by the media has put great responsibility on it. So they must perform their professional duties with mature and responsible manner.
Media is discussing two important topics in Pakistan nowadays. They are discussing about the appointment of new army chief and how negotiations should be conducted with Taliban. Should we start a war with them?

The appointment of chief of staff is a serious matter. It should be discussed with care. As it is a sensitive topic, I make an appeal to the representatives of media especially anchor persons of talk shows to avoid discussion on this topic and expressing their comments. It is in the interest of the country. We should not make this matter controversial. If we discuss it too much, it compromises the post and other agencies responsible for the national security. It is my humble request that people should say that chief of army should be selected on the basis of merit not on their connections and affiliations.
As far as negotiations with Taliban is concerned. An All parties conferences was held on this issue on September 9. All the big and smaller parties had reached a broad political consensus in favour of negotiation with Taliban in order to steer the country out of crisis and restore peace in the country. They should have patience with the government. There is no need to put pressure on civilian and military leaderships. Parties that want government to start negotiations immediately should convene a meeting and prepare their recommendations and hand it over to the government. It is a difficult and sensitive matter. The government and military leadership will have to attend to a lot of important things. If we try to things in haste, it can damage the good reputation of the armed forces.

The country is passing through a bad time. Our economy is in turmoil. It is on the verge of collapse. Our currency is losing its value at an alarming rate. The country is facing a number of challenges. Terrorism is destroying us. Democracy gives the right to freedom of expression. The present situation dictates that we should not put the image of our security forces at stake. We should not censure our armed forces. It could have demoralizing effect on soldiers and officers. The country cannot afford this. I appeal to the chiefs of our armed forces take decisions in the interest of the nation and country. MQM and its thousands of workers will support your decisions.

Overall situation in the four provinces has been better than previous year. Though we witnessed a number of attacks in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in which scores of people died and wounded. In one such attack the law minister of the province was killed. Schools were blown up too. The credit of this success goes to administration, rangers, police and law enforcement agencies.
We have witnessed attacks on mosques, Imambargahs, shrines and schools. MQM is the only party has expressed condemnation for such brutal attacks by terrorists. MQM does not follow a policy of hypocrisy. It struggle for freedom and justice. MQM believes in practicalism and realism.

MQM wants to make the country a welfare state where everyone can get justice easily. It wants to end corruption and plundering of the national wealth. It wants to form a government of educated and honest people from poor and the middle class. It wants to bring a democratic system where decisions should not be made on the basis of connections and affiliations. Jobs should be given on merit. There should be no place for nepotism in the country. It is my prayer that Allah should solve our internal and external problems. He should unite us and put Pakistan on the path of prosperity and development. May Allah protect Pakistan.