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Epic Fail by S M Tabish Tariq

 Posted on: 9/17/2013   Views:1633
Epic Fail!
Recently, I came across an article “Pakistan’s Iron Grip, Wielded in Opulent Exile, Begins to Slip” in New York Times by Declan Walsh the former Bureau Chief of New York Times in Islamabad. I could not stop myself from writing this blog after seeing the unprofessionalism, biasness and hate in that piece. The article was nothing but a miserable attempt by the journalist to gain some popularity and support after being kicked out from Pakistan for being involved in undesirable activities.
Taking the full advantage of Pakistan’s culture of conspiracy theories, Mr Walsh decided to write a piece which would not only get him famous, but also would increase his chances of getting the visa for Pakistan again.
Mr Walsh, you insulted Mr Altaf Hussain and his supporters by using made up stories instead of using sensible analysis. You failed to mention the achievements of the party. You failed to mention Mustafa Kamal’s hard work in the development of the infrastructure of Karachi. You failed to mention the sacrifices of the workers in the war against terrorism and extremism. If Altaf Hussain incited hate in Pakistan, he wouldn’t have been praised for the sectarian harmony and his liberal ideology he preaches across the country. You failed to mention that Mr Hussain and his party is the only movement that has not just campaigned against Talibans and their atrocities but also many of his workers sacrificed their lives for being liberal and democratic. Mr Walsh failed to mention that Mr Hussain is the only leader who started his movement at the age of 24 and went through many state oppressions and operations for the rights of not only Mohajirs but also the poor people of Pakistan. You failed to mention that it is not Altaf Hussain who desirably lives in exile; it is his workers who do not want to lose their leader. In a country where the former Prime Ministers get assassinated by the miscreants and the culprits never get caught, do you really think his workers would want to lose their leader? You talked about many leaders who lived in London for their exiles, but again you failed to mention that the difference between their exile and Altaf Hussain’s exile is that, they spent their exiles running their businesses and went back to take charge of the office to rule again. Mr Hussain, however never held any office nor he desires to… he is the leader and a guide of the masses. Mr Walsh you failed to mention that if his team failed to serve its people, it wouldn’t have expanded by each passing day. You quoted some people who are not even known locally to comment on Altaf Hussain’s character. Mr Walsh you failed to mention the loss of 15000 lives of MQM workers and supporters including Altaf Hussain’s brother and nephew during the state operation to crush the party. You failed to mention the confessions of Army Generals in 2009 about the operation against the party. You failed to mention how despite the Talibans attacks and bombings with the support of right winger parties, MQM still managed to win 85% of mandate in the city.
Overall, your research for the article was poor, you spoke to the wrong people to comment on Mr Hussain, you got many things wrong in the article, which were corrected later by the news paper itself, I really think your article was irrational, senseless and an Epic Fail. However, I must appreciate your failed attempt to become famous by writing against a famous personality. I am happy that you are being sued by the movement; hopefully it will bring some sense and non biasness in you.