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Prof Farman Fateh Puri A Legend By Qasim Ali Raza

 Posted on: 8/9/2013 1   Views:2055
All human beings have to taste death one day or the other, since we all are mortal. Yet, only few individuals live forever in the history because of the services they rendered for the society. Dr. Farman Fatehpuri is undoubtedly amongst those people. Dr. Fatehpuri was a devout muslim with humble nature and exemplary characteristics; he was certainly an embodiment of kindness and was considered a role-model for the young generation.
On 25th Ramadan-ul-Mubarak, Farman Fatehpuri died after suffering from long-term illness, leaving behind thousands of devoted followers and solicitous students – Innalillahe Wainna Alayhi Rajioon. Although, Dr. Fatahpoori is not with us anymore, but he will always be remembered with immense respect and admiration due to his valuable services, inspirational ideas and courteous personality. His services, literary work and scholarly skills are highly appreciated and widely recognised in Pakistan.
Farman Fatehpuri was am eminent urdu linguist, scholar, historian, educationist, writer and a researcher. He was born in 1926 in Fatahpoor India and migrated to Pakistan after partition of the subcontinent. He was fully aware of the hardships faced by the Mohajirs over the course of migration, due to which he continued to raise his voice for Mohajirs and other under-privileged communities of Pakistan.
Farman Fatehpuri wrote several books and dedicated himself for teaching and education.  He was certainly a very respected and reputable personality of the present time. Dr. Fatehpuri effectively performed his duty, as an educationist, by transferring the torch of his experience and knowledge to the young generation; this is the reason his pupils are spreading the light of knowledge, as dutiful torch bearers, in a number of colleges and universities.
Founder and Leader of MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain is the only political leader who issued a condolence statement on the sad demise of Farman Fatehpuri. In his statement, Altaf Hussain proclaimed that the death of Dr. Fatehpuri is a huge loss for the whole nation and especially Urdu language. Mr. Hussain further stated that Pakistan is now deprived of an asset of knowledge and civilisation, due to the departure of Professor Fatahpoori.  In recognition of Dr. Fatehpuri’s valuable services, Mr. Hussain has demanded that parks, libraries and roads should be named after him.
It is highly saddening to mention here that neither any political leader nor any government official has issued a condolence statement on the death of a person, who spent his entire life to build and educate the nation. Government’s lack of concern regarding the death of a great scholar of Pakistan is definitely shocking and condemnable.
We must not forget that the nations who have neglected their heroes had suffered with negligence and disregard from rest of the world. Despite the fact that the officials of Pakistan have completely overlooked Dr. Fatehpuri’s death, he will still be remembered and respected by the people of Pakistan.