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Sindh, MQM and PPP by S.M. Tabish

 Posted on: 9/27/2014   Views:2478
The political giant of Pakistan, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) once again sealed the lips of those whistle blowers, who have been spreading the wrong speculations about MQM’s end in Urban Sindh. The Founder and Leader of Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s Birthday celebrations were held in Jinnah ground, which was attended by a record-breaking crowd. 
The founder and leader of the movement in his address demanded equal rights for the citizens of Urban Sindh. He slammed PPP’s rotten politics and criticised them for intending to snatch the much-desired mandate in Karachi of MQM by changing the constituencies, tampering the local bodies laws and rejecting any formation of new provinces. 
Demands of Altaf Hussain for new provinces, comes after the injustices of PPP’s government against the Urdu Speaking community of Urban Sindh. There are many reasons why Altaf Hussain demands new provinces. The biggest cult in Sindh is ‘quota system’ which was imposed over 40 years ago and it is said to be one of the most oppressive system in Sindh, It allows Sindhi community more jobs than urdu speaking community of Sindh. Interestingly, most of the PPP’s lawmakers belong to Sindhi community. This has shown over the years that how PPP’s feudalistic politics have oppressed the people of urban Sindh. However, MQM seems to be the only political movement that is trying every possible option to benefit the poor and middle class of Sindh. 
Despite the strong reservations against PPP’s corrupt and imperialistic politics, Altaf Hussain tried every possible way to bring peace between Sindhi and Urdu speaking community. During 2008-13, MQM decided to support PPP’s government in a hope of solving matters democratically. However, it didn’t stop PPP from backstabbing MQM. PPP continuously supported the infamous gang war criminals of ‘Peoples Aman Committee’, by giving them free hand to loot and terrorise the city Karachi. PPP did not take any measure to stop the atrocities caused by the gang war criminals who were running rackets of extortion across the city of lights. Therefore, after trying every possible option, MQM decided to part ways from the corrupt government of PPP. 
Altaf Hussain’s demand for 20 new provinces in Pakistan was highly appreciated. Many media channels carried out various polls and surveys on this matter and the response from the masses through the polls was extremely overwhelming.  Thousands of messages in favour of Altaf Hussain’s demand also flocked in to MQM’s headquarters through fax, emails and telephone. Many Urdu speaking citizens of Urban Sindh and the middle and poor class of Pakistan strongly believes that they are being denied rights and are still treated as second-class citizens in their own country. Therefore, they see Altaf Hussain as their only voice in the country. 
Many politicians made hue and cry over the demand of Altaf Hussain for new provinces.  However, this is not the first time it happened. Years ago, when Altaf Hussain highlighted the issue of Talibans in Karachi and cautioned the people of Pakistan, the same politicians laughed and ignored his statements. Later on, when Altaf Hussain’s warnings started to come true, those politicians who quickly came on T.V to criticise Altaf Hussain’s statements regarding talibans were nowhere to be seen in the media.
Altaf Hussain clearly stated that, he did not want division of Sindh, however he stated that Sindh should be carved out to North, West and South Sindh as it would be helpful for the people living in Sindh. He also expressed that Provinces should be formed across the country, not in just selected parts.  Soon after his statement, many Sindhi nationalists along with the so called "National parties" started to defend the old rotten system in the name of their "love" for Sindh. PPP also passed a resolution against the division of Sindh in the parliament, nevertheless they could not stop MQM from demanding and raising their voice in favour of new administrative units.  
Looking at the discriminatory politics of PPP in Sindh, Altaf Hussain’s demands should not be ignored. His demands are not unlawful, his indications are a bitter truth, which sooner or later, everyone will have to admit and accept. Therefore, formation of new administrative units in Sindh is as lawful as the formation of a new province in any part of the country. Sindh is not PPP’s property; hence it should avoid treating the Urdu speaking community as their slaves. This could lead to unforgiving consequences and Pakistan is certainly not in a position afford anymore chaos in the country. Problems are supposed to be solved with solutions not more problems.