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Banishing all ills from society must for country’s progress and prosper: Altaf Hussain

 Posted on: 10/18/2013
Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain has said that it was his earnest desire and wish that Pakistan get rid of all its problems which include corruption, loot and plunder and crimes.
“It is also my desire that the unemployment from the country is wiped out, peace restored, education spread in every nook and cranny of the country and it achieves economic prosperity so that the country may stand in the ranks of developed countries of the world,’ he added.
Mr Hussain, who was talking to volunteers and the office-bearers of MQM at the central camp of Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation on Friday, said that although he was in self-exile for the last 22 years and physically not present among his colleagues, it seemed that he was not far away from them and their devotion to the party was still very high. “Even the love with the party leader of those workers of the party who were born after my departure to London me is highly commendable,” he remarked.
He said that it was a matter of joy and satisfaction for him that all the senior and junior workers of the MQM despite facing immense hardships during the last 22 years stood like a rock in those trying period, demonstrating exemplary courage and determination.
Mr Hussain said that although various big people while clinging to power often made tall claims of eliminating the MQM, the party by the grace of Almighty Allah and due to sacrifices rendered by its workers not only remained intact but its message has now spread in every nook and cranny of the country.
Urging the workers to have firm faith in Almighty Allah, he said that they should not get worried over their long struggle in achieving the real fruits of the revolution as the duration of progress and prosperity to be achieved in the wake of revolution would also be long and a time would come when the MQM’s philosophy would not only remain confined to Pakistan but would spread across the globe.
He said he had been striving hard for the rights of oppressed people of the country who were being crushed under the obsolete feudal system and it was his firm belief that the MQM’s struggle would surely succeed with the support of Almighty Allah and due to sacrifices rendered by its workers, steadfastness of workers and the prayers of mothers, sisters and elders.

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