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Altaf Hussain asks constituents of NA-246 to refrain from anything that may spoil environment for by-election

Altaf Hussain asks constituents of NA-246 to refrain from anything that may spoil environment for by-election
 Posted on: 4/11/2015
MQM Founder and Leader Altaf Hussain has appealed to the constituents of NA-246 to refrain from slogan-mongering when any leader belonging to any political or religious party or a candidate contesting the by-election comes in their area. He asked them to show tolerance and restraint. 
He said this while talking to members of the Co-ordination Committee, Central Executive Council, APMSO and other wings of the MQM at MQM headquarters Nine Zero.
“I am aware that excesses have been committed against out workers during the ongoing operation in Karachi. They were arrested and tortured in custody. A media trial was started against the MQM that continues even today.”
“The Supreme Court had said that there are militant wings in all political parties but only MQM headquarters was raided.”
“People have also not forgotten the tragic manner in which the young MQM worker Waqas Shah was martyred.”
“People have lost their sons and they have been subjected to gross injustices. Their hearts are bleeding and there is a feeling of anger.”
Mr Hussain said that he has been issuing statements to keep the political situation calm and peaceful during the by-election to NA-246. 
“I had appealed to MQM and PTI leaders to form a joint committee for keeping the political environment conducive so that the miscreants may not be able to undermine the situation.”
“I once again ask the MQM office-bearers to talk to the PTI leaders and form a joint committee comprising members from both MQM and PTI. This committee should devise a mechanism to avert any untoward incident.”
Mr Hussain said that the people who had gathered at Karimabad a few days ago and resorted to sloganeering were common people of the constituency and not MQM workers.
Mr Hussain said that the by-election should be contested in a democratic manner. “Everyone should run their election campaign and people should vote according to their freewill. The verdict of the people should be acceptable to all.”
Mr Hussain again invited the PTI leadership to hold its public meeting in the Jinnah Ground.
He also welcomed the public meeting being held by JI in FB Area in connected with its election campaign for NA-246.
Mr Hussain directed MQM workers not to tear banners and posters of opponents. “We believe in peace and we are against violence in any form. Even if someone tears MQM posters or photos of your leaders, you should not return by doing the same. The photo of your leader is in your heart which no one can remove.”
Mr Hussain asked MQM workers to show patience even if someone slaps you. “Hold your emotions and maintain peace under all condition. Focus your attention on the election campaign and God willing you will emerge victorious with a wide margin.

9/25/2018 10:01:24 AM