Ah! Khalid Murtaza Shaheed Great tribute to the most senior comrade late Khalid Murtaza,  from the founder leader  Mr. Altaf Hussain
hh ! Another most faithful, courageous, steadfast and most senior ideological comrade, Khalid Murtaza passed away today, March 6, 2021 in Karachi, Pakistan. He is no longer with us physically, but he will always live in the memories of all true loyal ideological comrades due to his tireless, hard work, struggle, determination, eternal sacrifices and because of his deeds.
Meeting of Central Coordination Committee of MQM held chaired by Convener Tariq Jawaid
In the meeting, first of all, thanks were extended to Almighty Allah for the recovery of Leader of the movement Mr. Altaf Hussain and his safe return to home. The Central Coordination Committee thanked to all the workers of Pakistan and overseas units, sympathizers, mothers, sisters, elders and youths who offered prayers and alms for well-being of Quaid-e-Tehreek Central Coordination Committee also thanked to all political 
Founder and Leader of MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain has been taken to a local hospital due to ill health today, Wednesday
Mr. Altaf Hussain was discharged from the local hospital on Friday, February 12 after a month of treatment. He was prescribed some medicines. Doctors advised him to complete rest at home till he fully recovers.
MQM founder leader Altaf Hussain discharged from hospital after one month from Barnet hospital
London… 12 February, 2021 MQM founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain has been discharged from hospital after one month treatment in Barnet hospital in London.
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urgent appeal
Detectives investigating the murder of Dr Imran Farooq have today (26 November) renewed their appeal for people to come forward with information, ten weeks since he was attacked.
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To further the programme of national development and a nation-wide campaign against feudal domination, Mohajir Quami Movement was formally transformed into Muttahida Quami Movement on 26 July 1997. MQM led by its founder and leader Mr Altaf Hussain is the third largest political party of Pakistan and the second largest political party in the southern province of Sindh.
Altaf Hussain's Open Letter
Altaf Hussain's Open Letter to the People of Pakistan

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3/8/2021 8:29:17 AM

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زندہ اور باشعور قومیں تمام تر مشکلات اور کٹھن حالات کے باوجود
ہمت اور حوصلہ نہیں ہارتیں اور منزل کےحصول تک اپنی جدوجہد جاری رکھتی ہیں۔

اے پی ایم ایس او سے خطاب ۔ 9مارچ 1994ء
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Poetry by Munawwar Rana, Singer: Md.Aziz

A brilliant piece Mohajir Nama by Md.Aziz, Mohajir History which cannot be forgotten... 
قرآن اور سرکار دوعالم اسلام کا تناور درخت
اور تمام مکاتب فکر اس کی شاخیں ہیں
 محرم الحرام کے سلسلے میں لال قلعہ گراؤنڈ عزیزآباد میں مختلف مکاتب فکر کے علمائے کرام، مشائخ عظام، مذہبی اسکالرز اور ذاکرین کے اجتماع سے قائد تحریک جناب الطاف حسین کا فکرانگیز خطاب
۔29 اکتوبر2013ء 

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