London – 11th May 2011: 


MQM Founder & Leader Mr Altaf Hussain has once again addressed the entire nation of patriotic Pakistanis irrespective of their sect, school of thought, religion, belief, region, colour, language or province; that are worried and concerned on the current state of affairs and the critical situation the country is faced with today. Expressing his extreme concern and sadness he said that even at this critical juncture, certain religious and political parties of the country are busy in a number-scoring game rather than to provide guidance and a future line of action to the nation. At this stage Mr Hussain said that he would like to ask every true Pakistani some questions in the shape of a public referendum. The people of Pakistan can respond with their suggestions and answers to the MQM through telephone, email or via nearby MQM offices of Units, Sectors and other central offices in their area all over the country; or they can come to MQM Head Office Nine Zero till the 17th May 2011; so that the results of this public referendum can be put forward to the nation.


Mr Hussain said that after the terrorist attacks on Twin Towers in New York on 11th September 2001, in London on 7th July 2005, or in Madrid, Spain and other parts of the world; did the main political parties of these countries held their respective rulers, chiefs of armed forces and heads of intelligence agencies responsible and demanded for their abolishment, resignation and removal of the Government? What kind of reaction and steps did the nations of these countries and their political parties demand against the terrorists’ activities? Please express your opinion by ticking on “Yes” or “No:” 



The questions are:

Question No. 1: Did the citizens of America, Britain, Spain and other countries, after becoming the victims of terrorism, in the larger national interest keeping their political and ideological differences at one side, demanded for an action against those responsible for terrorism and their respective parties? Yes (       ) OR No (      )


Question No. 2: Or taking advantage of the acts of terrorism and to increase the rating of their respective parties, they tried to take advantage of the situation? Yes (       ) OR No (      )


Question No. 3: Did the Presidents and Prime Ministers of these countries, after the huge incidents of terrorism and important sensitive occurrences immediately or soon after went on foreign visits? Yes (       ) OR No (      )


Question No. 4: Or after the occurrences of the acts of terrorism, if the Presidents and Prime Ministers of the respective countries preferred to cancel their foreign visits and immediately returned to their countries?

                                A: Cancelled their visits and returned. (           )

                                          B: Continued their visits.  (           )


Question No. 5: Did the people of these countries, after these acts of terrorism or any other sensitive occurrence, demanded for resignation or an action against their respective heads of armed forces and/or intelligence agencies? Yes (     ) OR No (      )


Question No. 6: Do you think our armed forces and intelligence agencies should support the 98 percent poor and middleclass people or they should side with the feudals, sardars and waderas and corrupt capitalists?

             A: They should support the 98 percent poor and middleclass. (            )

    B: They should support the feudals, corrupt capitalists, waderas and sardars. (      )


Question No. 7:  What line of action should the people of Pakistan adopt against the terrorists involved in suicide attacks and bomb blasts?

       A: Support the suicide bombers and those involved in bomb blasts.  (             )

B: Get united against the suicide bombers and those responsible for bomb blasts. (              )


Question No. 8: During the natural calamities, earthquakes, floods and other tragedies; did our armed forces and intelligence agencies provide more rescue and relief services as compared to the political and religious parties? Yes (   ) OR No (     )


Question No. 9: Referring to the terrorist attacks within the country, including the suicide attacks and bomb explosions, did the personnel and officers of armed forces, police and other law enforcement agencies offer more human sacrifices as compared to the leaders of political and religious parties?

   A: The personnel and officers of armed forces and other law enforcement agencies.

     (            )

                         B: The leaders of political and religious parties. (           )


Question No. 10:  If the American attack and intrusion in Pakistan is an attack against the sovereignty of Pakistan, is it not true that the illegal stay of the foreigner Osama Bin Laden is also an attack on the sovereignty of Pakistan?

A: Both the American attack and the illegal stay of foreigner Osama Bin Laden are tantamount to attack on the sovereignty of the country. (            )

                                      B: Only the American attack. (            )


Question No. 11: Are the drone attacks on our country, occurring with or without the consent of the government, the armed forces and the intelligence agencies?

                                        A: Without their consent. (               )

                                            B: With their consent. (            )


Question No. 12: If the drone attacks are occurring with the consent of the government and the armed forces then should the government and armed forces not inform the nation?

                                      A: Should inform the nation. (             )

                                    B: Should not inform the nation. (           )


Question No. 13: In the current critical and sensitive scenario what should the government, its coalition partners, armed forces and opposition parties do?

A: Sit around the table and inform the nation about the real facts and unite on a one point agenda. (      )

      B: Confront each other and hold each other responsible for the situation. (       )


Question No. 14: Should Pakistan cut-off its ties with America and formally start a war against USA or should both the countries ignore and put aside their mistakes and errors and start afresh for an honourable and constructive relationship?

                       A: Cut-off its ties with USA and start the war. (              )

            B: Start afresh for an honourable and constructive relationship. (          )


Question No. 15: To deal with the aftermath of the death of Osama Bin Laden and for the compensation of losses, should a round-table conference be convened without further delay of all national parties including the armed forces and intelligence agencies and formulate one united national line of action?  

              A: Convene a round-table conference without further delay. (           )

                      B: No need to convene a round-table conference. (            )


Question No. 16: Does the sensitive state of affairs within Pakistan demand that we should review our foreign policy and line of action with reference to Afghanistan, Iran, India, China and other countries for a productive and confident relationship?

  A: Review our policy and line of action for a productive and confident relationship.

                (              )

B: Start a war with all neighbouring countries and occupy these countries and form our own government. (              )


Question No. 17: Should the people of Pakistan unite and prepare themselves for a new, positive and peaceful revolution?

                            A: Yes, we should immediately get united. (           )

       B: Continue with our attitude to proclaim our political parties as patriotic. (    )





Mr Hussain said that he has come to this conclusion after deliberating for days. The details are painful, however, in the current sensitive state of affairs it was felt appropriate that he should present the above questions to the nation so as to invite them to think and so that their answers will serve as material to assist him in formulating future line of action in this regard. In the end, he emphasised that our beloved country has already disintegrated, and now all our efforts and actions should focus on keeping the country intact and sovereign. We should not only make amends but learn lessons from our past mistakes and start afresh to formulate future policies for our own country’s eternal sovereignty, progress and prosperity with a renewed pledge and determination.


Mr Hussain once again earnestly appealed to the nation, political and religious parties and their leaders, that under the present sensitive and critical scenario, to please end their differences in the name of Allah Almighty and His Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); and to unite on an agreed line of action to take the country out of the danger it is faced with today.


Mr Hussain appealed to the nation that they can send their answers, replies and suggestions to the MQM Head Nine Zero at 494/8 Azizabad, F.B Area, Karachi, over the telephone on 021-36313690, 36329900 or via fax on 021-36329955 or via email on [email protected]. Furthermore, they can also contact the MQM offices near their homes to get a copy of the questionnaire and to submit their response, suggestions and answers. The questionnaire form can also be downloaded from the MQM website at