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MQM censures PPP-led provincial government for anti-mohajir actions

MQM censures PPP-led provincial government for anti-mohajir actions
 Posted on: 12/30/2017

MQM censures PPP-led provincial government for anti-mohajir actions


LONDON.December 30, 2017: Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s Coordination Committee has condemned PPP’s Sindh provincial government for removing names of parks and other public venues that were attributed to grand services of the leader of the Movement Mr. Altaf Hussain for the port city of Karachi and thus parks and public venues were names after him as token of respect and honour. This act of changing names of parks is an open act of enmity to Mohajirs and is based on grudge and bias against them.

The Coordination Committee said that if the biased PPP-led provincial government considers it unfair to attribute any public venue or park after the leader of the Movement Mr. Hussain, it should  be honest and fair enough in its actions and should also remove names of PPP leaders Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto from parks, colleges, hospitals and public venues.

It said that the leader of the Movement Mr. Hussain had simply criticized Pakistani authorities for their wrong doings but as far as Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto was concerned, he was a declared traitor as per Justice (Retd.) Hamoodur Rehman Commission Report wherein he was held among those responsible for dividing Pakistan into Pakistan and Bangladesh. In addition, Pakistan’s apex court had sentenced him to death for his heinous crime of murder and he was executed per court’s order in that crime. It is questionable as how a traitor and a criminal could be dignified by attributing parks, colleges and hospitals with his name.

It said that changing the public venues identity that is after honourable leader of the Movement Mr. Hussain from Hyderabad and Karachi, changing the identity of famous Mukka Chowk and names of Universities that carry their identification under his names is nothing but a sheer manifest of open enmity to Mohajirs.

The Coordination Committee said that no matter upto what extent the biased PPP-led Sindh government would go in order to please the cunning military establishment of Pakistan with anti-Mohajir actions, the love of the millions of Mohajirs for their unanimous leader Mr. Hussain would live forever in their hearts and every tactful maneuvour of the biased PPP-led government and the military establishment would face a shameful defeat.

It said that by changing names of parks and public venues could never erase love and affiliation of Mohajirs wit their beloved leader Mr. Hussain but instead Mohajirs won’t ever forget and forgive PPP for its anti-Mohajir actions.

8/14/2022 12:02:57 PM