Mr Altaf Hussain's exclusive interview with the Voice of America-15/10/2001
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Mr Altaf Hussain addressing the MQM's Rally Against Terrorism in Karachi

Audio Report (Urdu)

Why do the Jihadi and Religious Organisations not make Punjab, centre of its demonstrations and protests – Altaf Hussain
Why do these religious parties and jihadi groups desert their Headquarters in Punjab and make Karachi, the capital of Sindh, their centre to hold demonstrations and agitations under the rubric of National Movements, Islamic Movements, War and “Jihad” and why do they exempt the province of Punjab from demonstrations, agitations and waging Islamic wars and “Jihad”?...........Complete Story | Urdu Version

Terrorism in the name of religion in Karachi - 12 October 2001
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International Community should ensure that innocent civilians in Afghanistan are neither targeted or harmed – Altaf Hussain
Mr Altaf Hussain, MQM Founder and Leader, stated that we condemn all sorts of terrorism and killings of innocent people whether they belong to the USA or any other country or part of the world..............Complete Story

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MQM Public Gathering - Initial Report from the ground - 26 September 2001

Newspaper Editorials
Pleasant contrast-Dawn
A wise decision-The News

MQM with the international community against terrorism - Altaf Hussain
over thirty million dedicated, well-disciplined, hardworking, intelligent and devoted leaders, office bearers, workers and supporters of the MQM in particular and the people of Sindh in general both Mohajirs and Sindhis, are behind the international community in combating terrorism worldwide...Full Story

Photographs of MQM's Rally

MQM pays respect to the victims of September 11, terrorist attacks

MQM's participation in relief activities in USA

Altaf Hussain condemns terrorist attacks upon USA
Mr Altaf Hussain has strongly condemned the terrorist attacks upon USA.  In a letter sent to US President George W Bush, Mr Hussain on behalf of the MQM and millions of his supporters condemned the cowardly and brutal terrorist attack upon different places in the United States including the World Trade Centre in New York and the Pentagon in Washington.  Mr Hussain prayed for the victims and their families and for the early recovery of those wounded in these attacks.

MQM pays respect to those who lost their lives and suffered injuries in the terrorists "Attack on America" on 11 September 2001
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I offer unconditional support of the Urdu and Sindhi speaking Mohajirs and Sindhis to the international community -- Altaf Hussain
I offer my full and unconditional support of over thirty (30) million Urdu-speaking (Mohajir) and also the Sindhi speaking peoples (indigenous) to the US President George W Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair of United Kingdom. We assure them that we are with the international community and offer our unconditional support to the international community and the international business community. Moreover, we are ready to provide not only the moral support but also practical support of the millions of our workers to the international community unconditionally."...Full Story

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Karachi belongs to the MQM and not to the religious extremists -- Altaf Hussain
Karachi is the city of liberal-minded people who are against terrorism.  Karachi does not support the religious extremists and by the Grace of Almighty Allah; the people of Karachi will prove that they stand united on the MQM platform with the international community in combating terrorism...Full Story

A view of the MQM Rally Against Terrorism -- 26 September 2001