If army action is not stopped in Balochistan and

other areas then MQM will start protest campaign.

 Altaf Hussain

London 15 Jan. 06MQM Founder & Leader Mr Altaf Hussain expressed his heartiest congratulations to all the office bearers and workers of the MQM for their participation in the rally and making it a historical success. He also paid huge tributes to all the MQM workers, Haq Parast Members of Parliament, Ministers and Advisers for affectively organising and participating in the rally on such short notice of only 6 hours. He saluted the MQM workers of zones, sectors and units for making the MMA-rally a success by participating in huge numbers. He said that the courage and determination of the MQM elders, mothers, sisters and workers has further strengthened his determination and resolve. He demanded to the Government to stop the army action in Balochistan forthwith and stop talking about the construction of controversial Kalabagh Dam. He warned that if the army action in Balochistan is not stopped forthwith then the MQM will take out even a bigger rally than today. Mentioning the recent missile attacks in Bajaur agency demanded that if the army is incapable of defending the country's border then there appears to be no need for this institution. If the Pakistan army will not stop its action against its own civilians then the time is not far when the 98 percent people will stand up against this act. He prayed for the victims of Bajaur Agency and army action on Balochistan. He assured the people of Balochistan and Bajaur Agency that MQM and its worker stand shoulder to shoulder with them sympathise with them and share their sorrow and grief. He also warned that if army action against innocent people is not stopped in Balochistan and other areas of the country including Waziristan then the MQM will start its protest campaign and the MQM leaders and workers will not hesitate to sacrifice their lives. He said that despite the worst ever army operation on the MQM which commenced on 19 June 1992, the State institutions failed to abolish the MQM. And today the MQM leaders and workers are more determined and strong then ever and prepared to courageously struggle for their rights. He once again offered his tributes to the elders, mothers, sisters, workers including members of parliament, member of MQM Coordination Committee Karachi and members of International Secretariat. He said that the MQM Coordination Committee is analysing the violation of the assurances of President and Prime Minister over the Balochistan issue and Kalabagh Dam. If the Government fails to keep its promises then the MQM will be free to review its stance. Addressing the MQM leaders, Haq Parast Members of Parliament, Nazim City Karachi, District Nazim Hyderabad, Town Nazims, City Nazims and Naib Nazims, Mr Hussain said that he expects that they will not disappoint the citizens in general and the MQM workers in particular. He also praised the efforts of City Nazim Karachi, City Naib Nazim and District Nazim & Naib Nazim of Hyderabad,Town Nazim & Naib Nazim of maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness during the recent festival of Eid-ul-Adha. In the end he once again paid huge tributes to all the MQM leaders, worker, supporters, elders, mothers and sisters for making the rally a huge success at such short notice of 6 hours.