London – 2nd January 2006 MQM Founder & Leader Mr Altaf Hussain while strongly condemning the army onslaught on Balochistan. He also stated that the MQM stands shoulder to shoulder with the people of Sindh, Pakhtoonkhwa and Balochistan on the Kalabagh Dam Issue regardless of the consequences. He was expressing these views while addressing the MQM workers in Karachi and 17 other cities of Sindh today, which was attended in large numbers by elders, women and youth. Mr Hussain said that MQM believes in realism and practicalism and whether being in the government or not, it will never trade on its principles. He said that the army onslaught in Balochistan is not the solution, therefore, it must be stopped forthwith and the path of negotiations be adopted. Expressing unity with the people of Balochistan Mr Hussain said that the heart of every MQM worker beats with the heart of Baloch elders, women and youth. 


Mr Hussain said that certain people have said that if the MQM leaves the government its workers will not support the party. He asked all the workers from Karachi to Kashmore, will you only support the MQM if it remains in the government? All the workers replied, “No”. Addressing those who presented this point of view he asked them to witness the sentiments of the workers today they are with Altaf Hussain and whether the MQM remains in the government or not, these workers will never leave Altaf Hussain. The notorious army operation against MQM commenced on 19 June 1992, thousands of its workers were barbarically murdered and tortured in state-run torture cells – but even this brutality could not deter or frighten the unwavering companions of Altaf Hussain from the MQM and its ideology.


Replying to the criticism of certain so-called nationalists, who on the television have said that MQM and Altaf Hussain recite Shah Latif’s verses but does nothing for Sindh, Mr Hussain said that these so-called nationalists are on the payroll of government agencies and have practically done nothing for Sindh. He emphasised that MQM is the only party which will secure and attain the rights of Sindh province. He said that in past the people of rural and urban areas were confronted against each other through a well-planned conspiracy but now these conspiracies have been exposed. The basis of MQM’s politics is not for the attainment of power but to serve the oppressed and deprived people of the country and struggle for their legitimate rights. On the due share of Sindh in NFC Award he pointed out that so-called nationalists or other political parties including the PPP has never taken a clear and principled stand like the MQM. The workers agreed with him. He said that MQM is today even stronger then before and its message is reaching every nook and corner of Sindh and the people of Sindh are uniting under the MQM banner. The good news is that the message of the MQM is now even spreading in Punjab, Pakhtoonkhwa and Balochistan as well and the local people have established MQM units on their own. He stressed upon the workers to continue to spread the message of the Movement in more villages and towns. The sooner we become united the sooner we would be able to achieve full provincial autonomy for all the smaller provinces. Explaining why he raised the slogan of “jeay Sindh”, he said, “It is because I am the son of Sindh and to raise slogan for my province is not immoral”. He sent the message to the workers of Balochistan, Pakhtoonkhwa and Punjab to raise the slogans of “jeay Balochistan”, “jeay Pakhtoonkhwa” and “jeay Punjab”. These are the provinces of Pakistan and to raise the slogan of ones province is like raising the slogan of Pakistan.


Mr Hussain said that the world stands witness that soon after the devastating earthquake of 8th October 2005; it was the MQM workers and KKF volunteers who reached the affected areas to provide relief to the victims and are continuing their work even today. He paid huge tributes to the MQM engineers, members of MQM Coordination Committee, Haq Parast Senators, federal and provincial ministers, all the MQM workers and office bearers and the volunteers of KKF. He also paid tributes to the office bearers and workers of MQM Balochistan, Pakhtoonkhwa and Punjab for collecting relief goods for the victims of earthquake. He stressed upon the workers to begin their campaign for the collection of hides of sacrificial animals on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha, without antagonising anyone. In the end of his address Mr Hussain raised the slogan, “jeay Sindh”.