Nawabshah – 22 January 2001


Mr Altaf Hussain, MQM Founder and Leader, has reiterated that we do not want the disintegration of Pakistan – we only demand for the full provincial autonomy according to the spirit of the 1940 Resolution.  We wish that the provinces in Pakistan should have autonomy similar to that enjoyed by every State in the USA.  With the exception of Defence, Foreign Affairs and Currency, all other departments and powers must be transferred from the Federation to the provinces.  The provinces should be autonomous to run their administration.  Every province similar to every State in the USA, must have its own law, its supreme court and its own flag.  He was addressing an Eid Milan party organised at the MQM Nawabshah Zonal Office over the telephone from London.  Apart from Mohajir elders and workers, a large number of Sindhi youth and elders also attended this gathering.  Representatives of Sindh Press were also present on the occasion.


Mr Hussain said that in the human history, wherever oppressive regimes were established and whenever the oppressed and deprived people united and struggled against such oppression and raised the voice for their rights – then the oppressive rulers used religion as a shield to protect their interests and by raising different slogans committed the act of crushing the oppressed people.  Similar tactics were employed in Karachi, Hyderabad and other urban centres of Sindh.  On 19 June 1992, under the pretext of action against the 72 big fish, an army operation was launched to crush the MQM and to eliminate the Mohajirs.  The Haqiqi terrorists riding on army trucks were brought into the city and were issued license to kill, loot, terrorise and plunder.  However, when MQM could not be eliminated despite all the killings and State Operation, then the Establishment used religion as their shield.  Offices of so-called religious organisations were established in Karachi, they were armed with lethal weapons and were allowed to hold rallies in every part of Karachi, with a view to suppress the movement for rights in the name of religion.


Mr Hussain said that in the public meeting of 17 September 2000, at Acton Town Hall in London, all the leaders of oppressed nations gathered together and presented resolutions for the attainment of rights of the oppressed nations.  After that unity has developed amongst the oppressed nations.  A few days ago, after the address with the Sindh press in Hyderabad, an atmosphere of peace, unity and harmony is developing between the permanent citizens of the province of Sindh.  Therefore, the agents of the Establishment, discontent with the unity of permanent citizens of Sindh, have suddenly mobilised and are making hue and cry through their statements, comments and columns.  Mr Hussain advised those present not to use abusive language in return.  He said that those who use abusive language in reply to logic, in fact, have no answer to the logical questions and issues.  Addressing the party workers, Mr Hussain said, “in the past you have sacrificed a lot for the achievement of the mission and cause, now your responsibilities have increased as the Urdu Speaking Sindhis and the Sindhi Speaking Sindhis are getting united to liberate the land of Hazrat Shah Abdul Lateef BhitaiRH from the subjugation of the Punjabi Establishment.”  He instructed the workers to formulate different delegations to visit every village and town to pass the message of Altaf Hussain to the Sindhi brothers to get united to struggle for the liberation of the Sindh from the slavery of the Punjabi Establishment.


Addressing those Sindh elders and youth present, Mr Hussain said, “My Sindh brothers, for the sake of Allah Almighty, don’t get deluded by the agents of the Punjabi Establishment.  For the past 53 years, Sindh has been looted and exploited.  Now we have decided that we will not rest before attaining all the rights for the Sindh province.  It is not acceptable the Sindh and other smaller provinces are powerless to run their own affairs and are slaves of the Federation.  With the exception of Defence, Foreign Affairs and Currency, all the departments and powers should be transferred to the provinces and they should be autonomous and fully powered to run their affairs without any interference of the Federation.  All the provinces must have equal representation in the army; otherwise, this institution could not be termed as national army.  We want such provincial autonomy, according to the spirit of the 1940 Resolution, similar to that of every State of the USA, where every State has its law, Supreme Court and its own flag.”


Mr Hussain said that those who used the Sindh Card only to gain power have exploited Sindh long enough.  Several personalities from Sindh became the prime minister, but what did Sindh achieve?  What did Sindh achieve in the NFC Award?  Sindh remained deprived of its due rights, the injustices and excesses against Sindh continued and even today Sindh is burning with the sense of deprivation.  Sindh is longing for clean drinking water, its land are made barren and its people are unemployed.  Sindh contribute 70 percent in the national exchequer but the motorways and airports are being built in Punjab.


Mr Hussain said that today, the Constitution of 1973 is presented as a sacred document but in the presence of this Constitution, a prime minister from Sindh is hanged whereas a prime minister from Punjab despite being sentenced by the courts for looting the national exchequer is sent abroad with full honours.  Mr Hussain said that even today, Dr Farooq Sattar and others belonging to the Sindh province and Balochistan province are incarcerated in prisons, whereas the big looters and plunderers of national exchequer belonging to Punjab are being freed.  Mr Hussain asked, would the same people come into power again in the name of Constitution, democracy and Sindh Card, who have been receiving their share in the exploitation of Sindh province.  Through the gathering, Mr Hussain addressed the Urdu speaking and Sindhi speaking people of Sindh to understand the conspiracies of the Punjabi Establishment, come forward and liberate the land of Shah Abdul Lateef BhitaiRH from the slavery of the Punjabi Establishment through joint struggle.