KARACHI (DEC 12) ---- MQM Founder and leader Altaf Hussain has refused to side with the government on Kalabagh and any other issue which is against the interest, hopes and aspirations of the people of Sindh. He said this while addressing the Haq Parast parliamentarians today.

Mr Hussain said that MQM stand has not only been clearly understood by all sections of the people of Sindh, including intellectuals, writers, columnists, teachers, historians, critics and political analysts, aspiring for progress and prosperity of their province, but they have also been witness to the firm stand taken by the party on crucial issues like the NFC award

Muttahida Quami Movement took a principled stand on National Finance Commission Award, and stuck to it. No other political party had taken such a principled stand on the subject before.

He felt happy that conspiracies of the past to create urban and rural divide between the people of the province and widen the gulf between them had not only been foiled, but the unity among them which existed today had never been seen before.

The MQM leader said that people of Sindh had seen through the game and were no longer willing to fall in the trap of the conspirators.

He said that urdu speaking Sindhis on MQM side, were equally sincere, loyal and faithful like the old Sindhis, who have made the province their abode since centuries and thousands of years. They know well that they have to live and die, and sink and swim together. Their destiny lay with the survival and progress of the province. It should therefore be very clear that MQM will opposes Kalabagh dam and all other projects which the majority of the people of the province did not approve of or against which they had reservations.

He directed party workers. whether Urdu speaking Sindhis, Sindhi speaking Sindhis, Punjabis, Baluch, Pukthoon, Seraikis, and Kashmiris, and all those on the side of Haq Parast to fan out to every nook and corner of the province and convey the MQM message and stand by going from street to street, and door to door in every city, town, village and ask them not to give weight to conspiracies, disinformation or propaganda which will obviously be aimed at destroying their unity and hurting their interests.